Jujube in zone 5


I had some from another project so I gave it a try today on Jujube. It certainly is a tiny amount. It’s hard to believe such a small amount would have an effect. The instructions that I had said to dissolve it add it to a small amount of alcohol (just a few drops are needed for 100mg) and then add that to the water that will be sprayed.


I live way up there in Montreal, Canada. This is my second year trying to grow Jujube trees here. I managed to keep both my Li Jujubes alive last winter. I added a Lang and a Winter Delight for pollination.
Please what insect(s) is (are) supposed to pollinate them ?
I see small flies and very small ants hanging around. Are they Jujube pollinators ?


I have seen ants, small flies, medium flies, large flies, wasps, small bees, lady bugs (maybe just hunting prey) butterflies, and moths. I have not seen honey bees or bumblebees. I have seen mason bees. The small black ants are prolific on my plants.

Congrats on the Jujube successes!!!


Nice pic to prove :smile:

I wonder what kind of bee or bee-like insect I have. It looks just like bee but at a miniature size.


I have some that look like small honey bees but too small for the breed. I’m amazed at the type and range of small bees and wasps. Our neighbors have hives and there are a few wild ones I think but none ever on the jujus.


Please, k8tpayaso, where are you located ?
I don’t see that many species of insects on my Jujube trees up here.


I’m ‘way down south in Texas. We have BUGS!!! Lol


Many thanks to all of you.
I’m 100s of miles north of where Jujubes usually grow.
Therefore I don’t know much about the plant, which insects pollinate its flowers, etc…
I don’t even know if I have the proper insects to pollinate the flowers…
Last summer, I pollinated my Li Jujube flowers with a Q-Tip.
This year, by adding 2 other cultivars, I hope to have better fruit formation.
I will keep you posted :slight_smile:


My potted jujube


Hello, I have been looking for Tigertooth jujube tree. Do you where can I buy it ?


In Colorado i have seen Honeybees, Mason bees, bumble bees and wasps on my jujube pollinating it so i assume you don’t need to worry about pollination.

Sadly my Massandra Jujube i removed the cage around it (not sure why) and it was “serially crushed by some huge friggin dog” to quote my wifes favourite movie. (Sorta)

It was little but it was making it, I feel it was grafted? would anyone know what rootstock OGW jujubes come on? (Im going to call and find out). Before i replace it with the same kind, Tony or anyone do you have any reccomendations (I know Honey Jar) for zone 5 jujubes?

I have Shanxi Li and Autum Beauty right now and have Honey Jar coming next year (Afraid to fall plant a jujube here in the fall since im not sure how fast they root)


Contorted jujube aka So is a good one for Z5.



I bought Contorted in 2017 because of the tree’s aesthetic form and good tasting fruit. So far, I got 5-6 fruiit last year and none this year. Found out that it is not a productive tree until it is established.


That may be a good replacement for my contorted mulberry that seems to dislike the snap freezes here, Any other good and relatively early ripeners? Gotta say the contorted mulberrys are a excellent specimen tree (I have not gotten it to successfully fruit here always seems to get zapped by frost at bloom)


I think Just Fruits and Exotics is the place where most people have gotten it from. Cliff England (http://www.nuttrees.net/) has the scionwood, so you could check with him to see if he is selling any trees. Do you have any established jujubes? If so, I have Tigertooth, so I can send scionwood this winter, if you’d like. But, I’ve had mine for 4 years and haven’t gotten any fruit yet, so I’m not endorsing it…

The Contorted/So I planted in fall 2011 has been my most productive tree. I think it was year #3 or #4 before I got a small harvest. Then, the next 3+ years it was quite productive, especially compared to my other jujubes. This year it doesn’t have much on it, though I’m not sure why.


I have sugar can, honey jar and shanxi le jujube. I just need one more Tigertooth jujube. Thank you


Sure- if you haven’t grafted before, you may want to read up on it. Jujube are relatively forgiving, but even with them, there is a bit of a learning curve.

Over the last few days I’ve started to get figs and Sugar Cane jujubes.