Jujube R5 and R4T3 infos?


i’m looking for informations about jujube cultivars ‘R5’ and ‘R4T3’ ? There is not much on the internet. For example basic informations about earliness, size of fruit, if better fresh or dried …

thanks for any help !

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I know one nursery from europe who has them listed.

Problem is, its ExoticPlantsBG.

Its almost impossible to deal with them.

Here is some information.

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Yes, i apparently succeeded :slight_smile:
With more thinking i wonder if R5 is not own of their own variety ?

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Check with Clifford England at England’s Orchard & Nursery - he can probably provide info on them… they may even be his own selections… I’m gonna guess that R4T3 is Row4Tree3.


r4t3 is excellent. It seems to be a mid here in vegas. For a while we thought it was the same as norris #1 but subsequent crops prove it different and superior… Btw, one of the photos of r4t3 fruits posted by that nursery mentioned by @Austro_PawPaw seems to be the real deal, so perhaps worth buying from them even if that nursery seems impossible dealing with. On the other hand, one of the pics featured there seems to be a picture lifted from one of @castanea 's posts, if i remember that right.
As for R5, i don’t remember having that variety.

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Here is a description of R4T3 I think I got from Cliff:

R4T3 – Good tree form large amounts of fruiting spurs, Attractive tree. 66mm x 22mm. Very large pepper shaped hooked fruit. Very sweet fruit with long thin seed. Medium season. The best of all great flavors.

There is no “R5” in the Norris collection, there is R5T1/2/3/4 none of which are large. Lucky is correct that the numbers are Row/Tree.


I’d be skeptical, too. Some years back, there was a European nursery listing persimmons - and using my own personal descriptions of some varieties I’d grown - including a couple of local selections… that I’m fairly certain that I’d not shared scionwood from.

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I have a good feeling but for sure i’ll wait for fruits before sharing scions. Luckily some of the cultivars have distinct shapes so it will be easy to check

I tried to speak with them many times but they were just incompetent.

The dont reply to an email very often and if they do it doesnt contain useful information.

First they said they can ship to Austria.

Later they said, sorry we dont have those plants.

Quite funny, on the Website most of the plants were listed as “available”

Pretty inconsistent eh

The ONLY way to get the plants for sure is to drive there yourself or find a person that lives near the nursery which can send the plants to the destination.

Why you say that? I bought from them a couple of seedlings last year,as well as a friend of mine. Including 2 jujubes, 1 almond,1 persimmon and 1 cherry. They are the most affordable with the prices to me, and the easiest way to deliver seedlings from them to me. Although they are close to me in general. One of my friends from the Serbian plant forum had contacted them and everything was agreed, so I do not know the details, but I know someone brought them from there and we paid him. And is turned out cheaper than we went on our own. The truth is as says austropawpaw that they not respond to messages, this friend was on the phone to solve it.
To mention that the jujubes were about 1.5 m high and that one bear fruit the same year. The other one my father had cut in half of size to receive more easily, and did not bear fruit. Been started but have fallen away, but it is very much increased in height. I hope next year it will be.
I watch their site regularly and I wanted to order only 1 seedling because I’m not with money at the moment right now, but that friend told me that this man who got us the seedlings does not work that anymore.Apparently someone else sad that he can do but not sure exactly, so I gave it up.

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When I find pictures, I will post them on the forum. In general, in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, it is difficult to find particular species. I`m interested in jujube, pecan, pawpaw, persimmon, even figs, but I found more information here than on European forums and sites. I only know that there is something in Croatia and Slovenia, but nothing concrete. In relation to jujube, all have varieties li and lang.

know how that feels, and would be doing the same thing too, just to get anything secured.
if remember it right, @k8tpayaso has the same approach :wink:
para seguro!

below are photos of R4t3(with ruler) and the one “R5” that we have – an r5t2


Sí, y para diversión!

Y’all just need to quit talking about different cultivars…just makes me want one of those!!!

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It felt like they didnt care about my order.

I also tried to order with another person from vienna.

He called them and they were unable to correctly confirm the order.

If you know someone who could send me the plants it would be great.

I would of course give that person some extra money for the help (like 30€)

Driving there would be my last resort because it takes like 11 hours to get there.

If it doesnt work next year i might drive there with a car trailer and collect all of the trees that i want.


who says you’re not getting one of those? :wink:

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It just doesn’t stop!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I am 170km from Exotic Plants Bulgaria exoticplantsbg.com. It is a small piece of land on the left hand side of the road to Plovdiv (Philipopoli) Airport. Other Bulgarians selling plants said the man who started the thing, Georgi/ Gosho Goshev (Георги/ Гошо Гошев) or of the sort, contact phone # +359877288840 , 0877288840 from Bulgaria, used to be a porter and thus rather plain and not always adequate in treating people. I have been sent plants of poor quality, some died, some not what it was supposed to be. Prices are low because Bulgarians are treated like SCLAVUS (slaves) and given by those who run the money very little income and if prices were higher noone would buy here. I presume some of the info provided by Goshev might be exaggerated as a selling trick, I have been disappointed with some plants which did not match Goshev s descriptions. Some plants are not well rooted either and fail with time. Some people presume he puts smth in the potting mix to make the plant fail so you buy again as there is noone else in Bulgaria. Or may be stupid people working for him make all sorts of mistakes. He has been difficult with sending plants for free as compensation for poor qualiry or failing plants. If you have some inquirues, I could help with calling and checking out. Info on their web page is not up to date, esp regarding availability. There are ways to send the plants but if they are not bareroot ot too tall to make big volume I presume that would go to 30-50 euro.

Argh, he situation down there is pretty bad.

I kind of thought that some quality will be lost if they offer the plants so cheap.

Too bad that a nursery with such a variation of special plants doesnt exist here.

The plant that i really would like to have is the Tsuru Noko, Chocolate Persimmon.

I cant find it elsewhere besides Pepinere du Bosc … they dont ship to Austria though :confused:

Below and attached is the research I did on the Norris Damn Project these trees was planted in 1932 and are massive trees now I will post pictures of the trees in a moment
The designation of Row and tree is correct and these are the oldest planting in the USA that I know of

These trees was studied with the permission of the TVA and the Ideal behind the study was preservation As before we got involved the trees was slated to be removed as there was a movement to take out all none native plants in 1988 I begun a winter to summer study that was completed in 2004 just before I returned to IRAQ and Richard Aston Published the finding in 2006 once I returned

Row 5 did ot have a conservable tree in My opinion but most all did produce

                                 	 	 	Tree nearly dead has one sprout about 2 feet from ground 




    	 	 	 	 	  	 	    Stump cut down none living in this row 

 	 	 	 	  	 	 	2 Trees listed as A and B 	 
 	 	 	 	 	 	                         could be Sucker below ground unknown 


Large Che R1
tree planted here 2 Trees listed as A and B
Could be Sucker below ground unknown
Seedling tree has grown up in 2004 to 2006
T1 T2 T3 T4
Water drain
Blacken dots indicate living Jujube trees.
Circles indicate missing or dead jujube trees. Sign Jujube apple

Road black topped

This evaluation of the Jujube trees located at the Norris damn project was performed over a 6 year period and to date all of the trees have not be observed in fruit bearing years and only the best fruit have been measured for size and consistence from year to year the size is the same with regards to shape and sweetness and only my family and I have been use as the taster.        These trees are scheduled to be removed for a reclamation project for the purpose of removing non-native species from the area a date has not been given and I have propagated all of the best selections and numbered them in accordance with the planting location.     

R1T1 – Small size wood multiple Branch tree small type thorns weeping in habit.
47mm long x 20 mm wide fruit. Good flavor sweet, long pointed fruit pepper shaped. Early to ripening

R1T2 – Upright tree form No significant thorns small fruit spurs.
40mm long x 22 mm wide. Sweet good flavored elongated fruit. Early to ripening

R1T3 – Small thorny seedling tree seen first time in 2004 now 6 feet tall in 2006 no fruit seen.

R1T4a - Huge fruit producing spurs straight wood insignificant thorns.
41mm long x 30mm wide. Long barrel shaped sweet crunchy fruit of the best flavor. Early to ripening

R1T4b – seedling at base of tree has well defined zig zag pattern very small thorns.

R2T1 – Almost Thorn-less well formed tree type. Medium fruit spurs. No fruit for 3 years

R2T2 – Tree form large fruiting spurs.
42mm x 19mm wide. Good sweet flavor long pepper shape. Medium season

R2T3 - Tree form small fruiting spurs thorns very small.
36mm x 20mm wide. Good sweet, barrel shape late to ripen.

R2T4 - Tree is thorn less well-formed trees type abundance of fruiting wood. 44mm x 34mm wide. Deep red color barrel shape not as sweet as R1T4a

R3T1 – Limbs are arched in herringbone shape no significant thorns small fruit spurs. 40mm x 25mm pear shaped, mixed sizes of medium to large fruit. Medium season

R3T2 - Dead

R3T3 – Small thorns and directional orientated with the wood, small fruit spurs. 32mm x 16mm. Sweet pepper shaped fruit large seed

R3T4a – Straight wood small fruit spurs small thorns.
40mm x 28mm, My be same as R1T4 barrel shape

R3T4b – Limbs are wavy with vicious thorns with interchanging daggers and hooks, hooks and spikes, dagger and dagger. Thorns are 1 inch and longer. SEEDLING small fruit

R4T1 – Dead

R4T2 – Dead

R4T3 – Good tree form large amounts of fruiting spurs, Attractive tree.
66mm x 22mm. Very large pepper shaped hooked fruit. Very sweet fruit with long thin seed. Medium season. The best of all great flavors.

R4T4 – Dead

R5T1 – Dead

R5T2 – Good tree form wood growth is straight with alternating sections of curved growth small fruiting spurs. Small to medium size fruit that dries on tree elongated pear shape Sweet fruit medium season.

R5T3 – Very small thorns with small fruiting spurs. Straight wood growth. NO fruit 3 years

R5T4 – Dead

Row 6 – Tree 1 thru Tree 4 dead with a stump being at tree 4 location.

R7T1 – Very large trees upright growth no lower limbs.
Flat pumpkin shaped, late to ripen, very sweet, small seed. Small to medium fruit size.

R7T2 - The limbs was only at the top center mass of growth. Is very much a tree form.
60mm x 22mm Medium size fruit, small crop of fruit pointed at both ends very sweet small seed, good flavor.

R7T3 – Alternating thorns ½ to ¾ inch long with hook and dagger nearly no fruiting spurs Small pointed at bottom end of fruit. Bland taste, early ripening dries on tree

R7T4—Large fruit spurs, thorn-less up right tree
NO fruit for 3 years


R8T2 – Large tree has freeze damage on small limbs, no thorns very large fruit spurs. 38mm x 18mm, Big long sour fruit, early ripening


R8T4-- Vigorous growth no thorns has recurring signs of freeze damage. Medium size pepper shaped sweet fruit with good flavor.


R9T2-- Straight wood growth, medium size fruit spurs with signs of freeze damage.
42mm x 22 Flat Barrel shape, big seed, puffy fruit bland taste, with fruit pointed on bottom end. Small to medium size fruit

R9T3—No thorns alternating zigzag pattern in growth of limbs, medium size fruit spurs. Tree about dead. 35mm x 21mm Pear shaped good flavor crisp crunchy sweet fruit medium size fruit

R9T4-- Alternating zigzag pattern in growth of limbs, medium size fruit spurs, Very Ornamental small spacing between limbs very thorny. Fruit is small with big seed and bland tasting.


R10T2—No thorns small fruit spurs tree almost dead. Small fruit big seed sour taste.

R10T3—Poor growth. Smaller size tree, small fruit spurs, No fruit

All of row 11 now dead with tree 3 being the last tree to die in winter 2005.

Jujube planting Norris Damn area #2.pdf (33.3 KB)