Jujube rootstock source

Does anybody know of a Jujube rootstock source?
What is the best variety for rootstock
Can Jujube be grown from rooted cuttings?

You can buy rootstock from Rolling River Nursery. It is very expensive at $15 each. I do not know how big it is. Some members from one of the groups that I am in are touting Jin Si Lin is the best rootstock. This is mainly in Australia and I don’t know if this variety is even present in USA. I know nothing about it. Most use sour jujuba I think. I don’t know if there is enough research or info out there to say that certain rootstock give certain attributes. I found another nursery selling rootstock but it was $20 so I soon forgot who that was.

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Thanks but Rolling River Nursery is sold out
what about growing from rooted cuttings?

Root cuttings , yes
That has worked for me

I think it was you who posted a picture of a website with jujube sale few weeks ago. I flipped through all the jujube threads to find it. No luck. Do you remember which nursery it was?

Rolling River’s web site is showing 136 available and I was able to put some in cart.

Some people are trying to do cuttings and it is working for some but not with success in a large percentage of attempts. Root cutting are more likely to grow. Suckers from actually trees have been the most successful source of cloned rootstock.

Isons overstock sale? https://www.isons.com/shop/specialty-fruits/jujube/li-jujube-tree/


It was on the discount offers thread.

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Thank you both. One place I didn’t check :slightly_smiling_face:

To clarify what I said above …
I did not mean rooting scion cuttings
( many varietys will not root from stem cuttings ? )
I meant taking cuttings of roots ,…
They often sprout. And can be used as rootstock.
As can digging up suckers from around a tree

Where are you finding availabililty on www.rollingrivernursery.com I can only find grafted trees
are they rootstock or seeklings

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I have ziziphus mauritiana seed that I’ll be growing and using as rootstock. Aside from.that I’ve used suckers off of my own plants as rootstock.

I have some smaller size seedlings but all my grafting size for this year are already accounted for. If you are willing to grow them out for a year feel free to shoot me an message I can help you out.

How much for your seedlings, variety?

The price would depend on how many you want, they are jujube var. spinosa seedlings 8-10 inches tall. Base price would be $3 each plus shipping. I can make you an ebay listing for however many you want.You can check my feedback here. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=food-forest-flowers&ftab=AllFeedback For anything over 50 I can do them for $2 each plus shipping. If you need 100 we could do them for $200 with free shipping. All are pot grown so the roots won’t be chopped off like field grown seedlings. I also have persimmon seedlings about 14-20 inches tall for $3 each plus shipping and they have nice roots too. Just let me know what you want to do and I’ll be happy to accommodate. :+1:

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I am interested in 20 of the jujube seedlings.
Also what variety of persimmon seedling?
I see you have 90 chromosome persimmon seeds cold stratified, which varieties?
I could send you my PayPal email so you could bill that way and not have the eBay fees

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Both the seeds and seedlings are from many different 90 chromosome named plants. Nothing was separated sorry. I’ll shoot you a message and we can talk more