Jujube Seedling Not Leafing Out

I’ve been growing a Jujube from seed the last 3 years or so and when I saw it yesterday I assumed it may have died. It’s not even close to leafing out. There are small tiny buds but they do not look like they will open any time soon. I performed a scratch test on the tree and its green so I guess it’s alive.

Do Jujubes leaf out late or is there something funky going on here?


Mine are not doing much yet either. We just had some great thunderstorms last night and the weather is due to warm up quite a bit so I’m hopeful they will push some growth in the next week or so…

Mine are all very well established and in the ground (10+ feet tall).

Give it some time



My potted jujube seedling is dead :weary:because I forgot to water it during over wintering.

My in-ground jujubes start to leaf out. I think since your tree is a lot younger, it may take more time. Jujubes leaf out very late comparing to other fruit trees.


Thanks will keep my eye out.

My brother in law pointed at mine last night and said, “what is the dead tree over there”. Lol

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My friend planted two jujube trees last year. So far, they have not leafed out yet. Look like to dead trees, indeed. She was nervous as they were expensive. I told her they will survive.


Mine are just starting to get green here in Maryland… yours should wake up soon.


jujus leaf out really late. The latest have witnessed was june, and that was when our daytime temps were >100F!

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Most of mine are leafing out about half an inch now and I did a few cleft grafts last evening. I want to get them going because the weather will be in the mid 80s at the end of next week.

I planted a Sugarcane last spring and grafted Honey Jar on top. After seeing so many comments about how late jujubes are, I thought it would be great with our frequent late freezes in middle Tennessee. I was surprised when mine leafed out in March. It now has some uprights growing out from the lower trunk that are already two feet tall. I had to cover it twice during April freezes, but that won’t be an option once it gets bigger. It will be interesting to see if it continues to leaf out that early in the future.

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My jujubes were planted a month ago here in 7A Maryland. They don’t like it here so far. They arrived from Florida leafed out and have dropped about 20% of leaves since migrating north. They’re been getting 7 hours of sun. I’m hoping my soil isnt too moist for them. They’re on a gentle slope with drainage but I’m in a wet, humid river valley.