Jujube suckers


I have many jujube suckers around my jujube tree, are those going to grow jujubes? If not how to ger rid of them?


Assuming your tree is grafted, the suckers probably will only produce small, not-so-sweet fruit – are they a lot thornier than your main tree? – but even if they don’t produce fruit that’s any good you could still use them for rootstock and graft any variety you’d like onto them. If you’d like more jujube trees, one option would be to leave them where they are until they go dormant late this fall, then transplant to where you’d like more trees, give them a year to get established, and then maybe graft them the following year.


Send them all too me


Can you post a photo?

I can pay if you’d like to ship, if it’s not too much to ship this way. Houston, 77459.

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Thanks for the advice!