Jujubes- my new Adventure


Would you believe that I just happen to have a photo???:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::wink::wink::wink::wink:
(This is one that fell from the tree and I’m taking it to work tomorrow.). It’s about the same as I ate this morning–bigger than some but many of them are this size approx 1 1/4 x 1"


Chico has been a very heavy bearer for me. Here’s a photo of the largest Chico fruit I’ve ever seen -


This is great that people posting pics to compare. Thank you.


Very nice. I have read of large ones like that. Nice to see a photo!


Jin aka Chang, jujubes -


Sihong jujubes, fresh and dried -


Porterville jujube -


What’s your favorite of all?



The flavors are often a little different from year to year. I think variations in weather, especially temperature, at different times of the year impact the taste of the fruit. For example, in some years Sugar Cane doesn’t seem to fully sweeten up. Other years it is very sweet. Some years Chico seems to go straight from almost ripe to past ripe and shriveled without ever being fully ripe. But generally speaking I really like Autumn Beauty, Black Sea, Chico, and Sugar Cane. Porterville is a little like Chico but not a heavy producer. GA866 is very good when it fully ripens but it often doesn’t. Sherwood is pretty consistently good. It’s easier to say what is not good and that would be Lang and Globe.


that’s a good-sized chico, it appears that your young tree already has seasoned wood :slight_smile:


That Chico tree is pretty old. Not very big because it’s growing in a horrible spot, but at least 20 years old.


speaking of identity crisis and disclaimers, i have two “jins”. One is similar to korean #1 in shape and just as sour, but late-ripening, while the other one is chang i obtained from england’s, which are bigger and somewhat elongated and dimpled. Will post pics tomorrow.


It was me, I got zero fruits in ten years. Its now a rootstock. Even though I don’t get much fruit on any jujubes, the ones that never gave me any fruit I believe are particularly bad. Honey Jar gives me at least something every year, and Sugar Cane was close behind.


thanks for verifying. Truly worthy of consideration if anyone is starting with just a few juju trees in the northeast–that hj and sc are more promising options.

of course there will always be the possibility that chico stems take much longer to get seasoned in areas with short-growing seasons. Many long-lived trees bide their time when grown in sub-optimal conditions, considerably extending their gestation periods…

budwood to rootstoc relations may have specific negative/positive feedback mechanisms, and chico/sherwood, etc seem to require its rootstoc achieve a critical mass of food reserves(relative to above-ground branches) before producing fruit.

from what we’ve observed, interstems also seem to influence precocity(or lack of).

while findings further confound the permutations, it cannot be denied that fruiting on the same year of being grafted are “true positives”


I checked and there were no active flowers at all (and no fruit). Just a few dried out ones. Which is interesting because many of my other jujus are still flowering. It is in an out of the way spot in the yard, so it doesn’t get any extra water, unlike some of the others, which may have an impact. I even had to pull some 4’ tall weeds out of the way to get at it…


So far, 7 fruit on newly planted Honey Jat, two each on two year old Sugar Cane and Shanxi Li. Talk about minimalists. HJ and SC flowered like crazy. I did use a paint brush to help with cross pollination. A disappointing year for my jujubes.



Your jujube will make more fruits as they age.



My second year didn’t bear as many this year. I think the concentration was on growing!


Thank you @k8tpayaso and @tonyOmahaz5. There is light at the end of a tunnel, I guess :smile:


Patience Mam!