Jujubes- my new Adventure


I’ve already done so- at least 3-4 sucker transplants from my So. I’m not sure if they are rootstocks, or if the So is on it’s own roots, as some from JFaE are. Here’s a pic of one. There are two (apparently live) grafts on it: Bok Jo from last year and Dae Sol Jo Dae Chu from this spring.

Here’s a pic of my fastest growing Dae Sol Jo Dae Chu graft. It’s on top of GA 866, which is right next to the driveway (blacktop providing more heat) and with almost dawn to dusk sun (hard to do in developed areas).


very nice @BobVance

and have to add — if your ga-866 manages to fruit there, then your rootstock MUST be the answer!


I should clarify- the Ga-866 isn’t on the rootstock from So. It is on whatever ToA grafts to (planted Spring 2016). I just included it in my post to show off my best growing graft from this spring. I know the GA866 is a long-shot. But, from what I’ve read, if I can make it fruit it is pretty tasty. So, I’m giving it a try. But only one of it. :slight_smile:


well if you could make ga866 fruit on the rootstock it is on, then that rootstock is a must-have as well. We’ve had the cultivar for ~3 years and i think our grafts only gave us a dozen or so the entire time. Worse is that this year i don’t see any fruit set, at least not yet.


Fruit development this year on Sihong, Honey Jar and Autumn Beauty. This is why Autumn Beauty can ripen large fruit early in the season.

Honey Jar

Autumn Beauty


Jujube fruits are looking great with all the heat and torrential downpour. The Missouri River is flooding over the banks.



Really looks good! We are having drought conditions here and it’s difficult to water enough. Nice fruit set!



I think I am finally solved the jujube setting issue in my orchard. They are all in full sun after alot of digging and moving three seasons ago. The lawn sprinklers help with watering, and one full size jujube rootstock with thousands of flowers plus 10 varieties of brand name jujubes for cross pollination.



So you have a spinosa growing just to help with pollination?



Yes. Just one large rootstock. The fruits are small but some what sweet.



I am green with envy :grinning:

My trees are in full sun. These years HJ, SC and Shanxi li have plenty of of blooms. It is too early to tell if they will set fruit and how well (I sure hope they do).

It amazes me that you are in zone 5 but your fruit tree production, not just jujube, are a couple of weeks ahead of mine. My jujubes just start flowering 5-6 days ago.


We got the -19F in this Winter but the weather warms up real quick from Winter to Summer and no Spring this year. I hope you will get good set with your jujubes. Hand pollinate them if you don’t see any pollinators. Good luck.



Tony, @jujubemulberry, et al,
I’ve noticed that some of Sugar Cane flowers are yellow in the center of the flowers. Many don’t. I also do not see this yellow center in my other varieties.

Just wonder if you know why. Thanks.


I think that is a stage of the bloom. I have noticed it on mine too.



Yes, that is the early stage of blooms. My Sugarcane got them the same as yours.



Thank you @k8tpayaso and Tony,
I was a bit puzzled because I did not see such a thing on other varieties.

I am happy to say that even Autumn Beauty that I grafted in May has flowered. I hope to have at least one fruit set. Same hope for Massandra which is blooming, too.


@k8tpayaso and @tonyOmahaz5 are obviously watching the progression of the teeny-tiny juju blossoms :wink:

the centers start yellow like that and the next thing to hope for is for the yellow centers to start developing a greenish hue, especially a glossy green, which is indicative of fruitlets developing.


Update on my jujube fruits

Honey Jar

My own jujube seedling fruits


Autumn Beauty

Shanxi Li


Tae Souls




Look excellent, very fruitful. How many jujube trees you grow in ground and in pots.


beautiful! They look yummy!