Jujubes- my new Adventure


I had that happen on a pear tree last year. Just one dying branch. When I cut it off I noticed borers inside the branch. I know it was a pear and not a jujube, but just a guess.


@mrsg47 and @growjimgrow,
The tree is on a raised bed. No weed whacker could get to it. I could look for insect holes but I doubt it. There plenty of peaches for them to bother with.


quite likely there are yet unidentified maladies which beset jujus grown in usa, and like your tree, ours have sometimes self-amputated branches for no clear-cut reason/s. Cicada’s sometimes girdle juju branches, and even if they don’t totally girdle them, may inject pathogens into stems that would otherwise be impervious.

recently posted at the other thread the ‘surgical abilities’ of jujus – being able to destroy cells that are infected.
Self-amputating diseased branches, much like amputation of feet/limbs is resorted to by surgeons to save those with uncontrollable diabetes-related infections


Thanks, Raf. Glad Jujubes have ability to self-protect. I probably will remove the affected branch even though the wood is still green. It may slowly dying.


I have had jujus sprout back from wood I thought was dead.



Was the wood that appeared dead had the similar look like mine? For this branch, leaves started turned pale green and then, yellow. All flowers and fruit started wilting and turning brown.


you’re welcome, and do keep us posted on your juju’s recovery :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have the Facebook link ? Thanks !


I haven’t had it happen in my large trees but on my seedlings. Usually that branch will sprout back out and grow again.



Here’s the link:
England’s Staking Jujubes


Got it.Thanks !


That won’t be an issue. I have 4 and wish I had room for more. So, Honey jar, Sugarcane, and Li. The Li got me hooked and quickly becoming one of my favorite fruits.


Like @BobVance mentioned I counted chicken before they hatched.
I would like to post pics of these young fruit. They may not reach their maturity. At least I could say that I “had” them.

2nd year Honey Jar: lot of flowers and set well. Some are still setting. I just let them set. The fruit taste good even not fully ripe.


I am so happy to see my first year Massandra fruited. The fruit shape is different.


My 3rd year Sugar Cane flowered abundantly but set not many. It seems like it has flowered 10,000 flowers and set fewer than 100 fruit. Quite disappointing.


My 3rd year Shanxi Li does not have that many blooms and not many fruit, either.


My 2nd year So. I dug it up from the ground since it did not grow at all last year in ground. Somehow, it has grown well in pot.

Some bloom and some fruit.


Sugarcane will produce a lot more with age. Shanxi has real large fruits but not that productive.



Can wait for SC to produce more. We have wet summer and I plan to water my jujubes if it is dry. I hope this may help improve the taste of Shanxi Li. So far, it is too spongy to my liking. The fruit size is impressive.


That’s plenty of set. I’m pretty happy that one of my 3rd year Shanxi Li’s has half that (or less), as the other 3rd year Shanxi Li has no set at all.

That HJ is covered with fruit. I have one 2nd year HJ with fruit (though less than yours), out of 10 2nd year trees (not all HJ), the rest of which have none.

You must be doing something different than me. Only my So has a fruit set like yours and it was planted in 2011.