Jujubes- Our New Adventure


well am confused too, because if jin-chang was another cultivar, then it equates to three cultivars with bridged names. And looking at that picture, it is clearly not the chang we have, and not the jin we have.

so there is 1)jin, 2)chang, and then 3) jin-chang, lol

hope you keep us posted re: quality


I’ve been looking at photos lately and one reason I posted here because of the mismatch. It’s kinda strange to look at too…has always looked “heavy”. Dark green. And now it has this “speckled” ripening pattern with a dark yellow base that is so different from my other cultivars. So, yes I will. Do I need to pick the split one? Do they spoil when split?



found my invoice and it says “jin chang”, so not really sure which is what, lol
but at the end of day, what really matters is that what you’ve received is a good quality cultivar.

names shouldn’t really matter much anyway-- if you remember the lyrics to that song ‘oh what a night’ :grin:


if it is humid, probably better to pick them once they split. Unfortunately-- many pear-shaped jujus have the tendency to split.


It still doesn’t make the fruit match up…lol.


Will let you know what this tastes like…


There are at least 4 Li so a couple Jin/ Chang is OK.




Roger Meyer and most California jujube enthusiasts call it Jin. Papaya Tree Nursery calls it Chang. To avoid confusion some people call it Jin Chang. Unfortunately that has just created more confusion. It’s just one cultivar and despite the size of the fruit and the very erect growth pattern, not a memorable one. It just doesn’t have enough sweetness or flavor.


This is the top half of my Jin tree. It is quite tall. The bottom half is obscured by a large goumi bush.


I did pull the split one and taste it. It was basically not ripe yet. It wasn’t bad…some sweetness but a little dry. Will be interesting to taste it ripe. There were only three fruits on the first year tree. They are all very definitely quite pear shaped though. I know there can be some variance in shape.

Thanks for the info…that is a very tall columnar tree!



That’s actually kinda the problem - they always taste as if they are not quite ripe. And they’re always dry… It’s a shame though, because it’s a pretty tree and a pretty fruit. Maybe a third of my fruit are a little pear shaped but mostly not. Here’s a typical fruit from my tree-


yours is basically the same shape and coloration of our chang fruits, @castanea

was intrigued @k8tpayaso 's is somewhat pear-shaped and ripening with a brownish hue instead of reddish, and too speckled. May just be climate-related, but admittedly my curiosity is killing me, lol


About a third of mine are pear shaped. Jujube coloration does not always seem to be accurately represented in photos. Photos taken under low light conditions make colors look a bit different than those taken under brighter conditions. And people seem to have conflicting opinions as to what is red and what is brown. Jujubes tend to walk the line between reds and browns and some people see brown more than red while others see red more than brown. I don’t know what causes speckling but I assume it’s environmental. Autumn Beauty rarely speckles for me but this year many are speckling.


i agree. And the type of camera sensor also affects color. Typical CMOS cameras seem to make browns out of reds, while ccd’s tend to go the other way.


I can’t help myself…

Massandra from OGW

With blooms…

And fruit!!!



Nice. My Massandra is like a foot tall from Burntridge. You get what you pay for indeed. :):grin:.


This one looks bigger in the picture than it does in real life. It’s not very tall but it has a nice shape.



Still have fingers crossed but it looks like I’ll have about 6-8 SiHong fruit in a couple of months.



Found one tiny branch of Honey Jar dead!!! Everything else around it is fine.


@tonyOmahaz5, @jujubemulberry, @BobVance, @Bhawkins, et al,

Do you experience browning and drop fruit on your jujubes? It seems to me, Shanxi Li dropped a lot. Lately, I’ve seen fruit turned brown and dropped on HJ and Sugar Cane, too.

We had plenty of rain from late July through almost all month of August. I don’t think it’s a drought. Just wonder what cause the browning and dropping.