Jujubes- Our New Adventure


I must show some photos of mine plants :sunglasses:
I read everyday what are you posting and showing and that’s great. I’m thinking that this is the most live thread on forum :roll_eyes:
I have 2 plants, shanxi li and tigertooth. Last year I had few fruits from both but nothing special.
Back then they was full of flowers but without fruit set. This year I fertilize them with cow manure, and later with nitrogen fertilizer. Tigertooth have a lot of new growth, other not so much. But they are packed with flowers! I’m watering them every few days cause we have very hot and dry days now. And I must say finally after very cold and rainy spring. From all plants-seeds im working on this year jujubes are the best performers. Their flowers have wonderful scent.

this is tigertooth

And this shanxi li. As shown they have a lot of frutlets and im hopping that I will have fruit for consumption this year :yum:
I also have about 40 small seedlings of z.spinosa from seed. Maybe I will be lucky to have dozen of varieties in coming years. I can’t wait.

And in the end one question. Do anyone know if there are some good variety for alcohol production? In my country we have a tradition of making homemade “rakija”, but last few years plums suffer a lot from late frosts and we dont have enough fruit. Sometimes there is none. I’ve already removed dozens of plums from that reason. So if there is some good variety im willing to try to make rakija from jujubes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


In my experience, Shanxi Li does not set a lot of fruit. It has lots of flowers but fruitlets turn yellow and drop at a higher rate than my Sugar Cane and Honey Jar.

Not sure if you need to water jujubes everyday. They are supposed to be drought tolerant.

@jujubemulberry grow them in a hot and dry Las Vegas climate. They appear to grow well but I don’t know how much watering Raf give his trees.


Ohhh, i hope that some will stay on tree. I’m scared that I’ve put much fertilization so im watering them so they can grow and fill fruit. Shanxi li is on that place for 1 year only, im suspicious how much roots developed till now. I have well in my yard and when I’m watering other plants I also give to them. I dont see that watering caused some bad things. At least not yet.


What I meant was that it nay not need that much water. It probably won’t do harm to jujubes. I am sure your Shanxi
Li will set fruit. It is only a matter of how many.

For most fruit, too much or too little water can harn them.


Your trees look nice! Looks like you will get a lot of fruit set and perhaps it will hold. I have found that jujubes respond well to fertilizer but sometimes that do a lot of growing and little fruiting. This year though I have fertilized and I have a lot of fruit coming also. We have had a lot of rain this year too and my trees seem to be loving it. Jujubes are very drought resistant but I don’t necessarily think that means that they are water intolerant. There are some that are native to Louisiana which is not a dry area. I have read of jujube farms in Australia that fertilize and irrigate for crop production so I’m not convinced that water that drains well does them any harm. We are still learning ho to treat them but one thing is certain…they are VERY hardy.

I have seen references on the internet for making jujube wine.


Yes…it is sooooo hard for us to get it just right!!! This year it’s been taken out of my hands. We have had a lot of rain and I have a lot of fruits. Now I hope they taste good!!


it is difficult to estimate the amount of water(per size of tree) we use to irrigate jujus, but absolutely positive they require the least water of all fruit species here in vegas. Pomegranates and certain small-leafed white mulberries are probably the only other species that seem to be as drought-hardy.

on many parts of our yard we used to manually water our trees, and the apples, peaches, and even figs would get droopy and ‘sad’ first, before the jujus did


I’ve found photo of tigertooth fruits. Thats all what I’ve got from last year, I hope that is correct variety. My friend bought from same guy some red flashed apple and turns out it wasn’t.


My tigertooth produced many fruit like those, I think you have the correct Id. Yours seem a little smaller than mine. Mine was very productive but taste was poor, I know that can be location dependent.


This was first fruits, its young plant. Will see how big is gona be this year. And I bought that variety cause I want some dried jujubes. But I ate all of them fresh, I could not sustain myself. This is among best varieties for drying, if information from internet is true. Also I had limited choice of varietes, I bought some and my friend the others. We will change scions when time comes.


@jujubemulberry Raf,
Guess what? Noticed green fuzz on Vegas Candy two days ago but was not so sure. Today, It’s Alive. Took it longer than all other varieties I grafted this year. 19 out of 19 grafts. I’m on a roll :smile:



i can surmise v. baby, spicy, and candy will be some of the more precocious and productive ones.


Can’t wait. Thank you again very much.


don’t expect much from those though due to the tiny fruits. I would still much prefer and be happier to hear that booty will be at least half as productive as those…



I was surprised that Vegas Booty had the biggest leaf of all my jujube.


Compare to Orange Beauty


it surely has strong sherwood characteristics, in fruit and in leaf


Mine has large leaves too. I hadn’t noticed but then it’s sitting beside a Sherwood and the leaves are very similar.


My SiHong seedling that I’ve had very high hopes for still has not bloomed or produced fruit. And this year the growth has been very dense and thick. Uprights are short and close in to the body of the tree and leaves are very small. It looks like a small shrub that you might want to trim into a shape. The sucker of it looks about the same. So…I’m not as optimistic as I was.

My Orange Beauty has dropped all its fruits. :worried:

@jujubemulberry tell me about Coco. I grafted it last year onto Lang and it grew a few inches. This year it has taken off and is about three feet long with good foliage but maybe had a few blooms (can’t remember many if any) and of course no fruit. Is that common for that variety?

My Li this year wants to grow 10 foot uprights in every direction so it looks funny and those uprights are sagging with fruit.

Lastly, my Honey Jar has put on lots and lots of fruit on new growth on the top of new uprights that shot up ‘way over my head!


What is your secret in getting your jujubes to grow like weeds and fruit abundantly?

Did you sing to them? C’mon, fess up :smile:


Tippy, my two year old son held his fingers to my lips and said “Don’t sing, Mommy!” So I’m guessing the singing might not work…:joy::joy::joy:

But I do whisper… lol.