Jujubes- Our New Adventure


the juju whisperer, haha

anyway, if remember it right, coco did wait a year before it shot up in growth. It is similar to sc, but seems to have less bitter after-taste as sc when ripened in hot weather. It has good production here in vegas, but not as heavy production as sc. Li is like hj, inclined to get saggy with fruits. SC, coco, and sihong seem to have stiffer wood as not inclined to sag. Li also tends to grow the fastest and tallest here in vegas.


My SC this year has very poor fruit production. This is one that I got in my second trip to Brenham and it was an old 3 foot potted tree that I paid ~$20 for. I was sure it was a mistake. Now it has quadrupled in size and looks beautiful but has about 2 dozen fruits.
(@mamuang— I don’t take pictures of the ones that don’t have much fruit!!! Lol).

My SiHong has shot straight up. Lots of uprights but they go straight up. The tree is about 8 foot tall and three foot wide.


Me, too! I don’t take pics of trees with little or no success :blush: ( let readers use their own imagination)


Th most productive jujube I have, and in fact the most productive jujube I have ever seen, is this seedling. It is also the most vigorous jujube I have ever grown. I refer to this as Sweet Tart because it has both a high level of sweetness and a high level of tartness. It flowers very late and the fruit matures very late. It’s always the last fruit to mature along with Winter Delight.


looking forward to our Sweet Tart bearing fruits, hopefully this year!


Wow, nice job. You are a pro :slightly_smiling_face:
Katy, jujube whisperer, those fruits looks very nice. And big! Mine just started, probably at your climate they start earlier.
And that sweet tart from castanea is also delightful! I can only imagine the taste :drooling_face:


Are they as big as Honey Jar?



Larger than HJ for me-


Do you reckon that Honey Jar is a big one, Tony?


Pavel is those photos recent ones? My plants have very small fruit so far.
Shanxi li is little bigger than tigertooth. This is shanxi li

This is tigertooth. There is a difference in fruit size but also in flowers. In tigertooth flowers are like in clusters. I did not notice it until now. Ants and some little wasps are main pollinators for them, I didn’t see any bees around them. Strange, they have such wonderful scent. Although not strong and noticeable from distance.


Photos are from the last year, Martin. Ants are good pollinators when the plants are still small. As they grow bigger legions of other insects will come and eventually also bees when the large clusters of flowers will form.


Thats pretty much what ive noticed. Ants the first year and then each year more and various insects. This year was a flying, buzzing frenzy on a couple of my trees–the oldest ones.


Very interesting posts. I bought Honey Jar and Li from grow organic and unfortunately both never leafed out so they issued me a credit but I lost a year of growth time. Even got some scion to graft on them "Thanks to @tonyOmahaz5 " I was so excited after planting but

Picture on the left are two jujubes I pulled out from ground.


Did you do the scratch test to see if the bark is still brownish green?


Jujub tates long time to establish itself and leaf out.my jujube took around 2 1/2 months to leaf out. Once established it grow fast


Wow!Very impressive. This is from seedings and no graft? if so, can I have a couple of seeds to try later? Thanks.


Yes, this is a seedling. I probably will not be able to get any seeds. I plan to move this year. A couple of our members have root sprouts of this and might have seeds next year.


Grafting is another option. I’m curios about jujubes from seed now. Are they the same as mother tree or not? I know that majority of plants are not :roll_eyes:


I did and both are dried up but I still kept them in 5 gallons in case.