Jujubes- Our New Adventure


Amazing. I need your California weather, Grace. My jujube are blooming but I don’t see any little fruit yet.


I’m glad that I can keep them all. Hopefully squirrels are not interested in them.


Mine is in bloom too but no fruit set yet. I’ve noticed jujube takes a long time from flower to fruit. Or
Does it just feel that way because I check on them few times a day maybe…

I grafted a HJ on my Li this spring and it’s taken and grown about 3 inches so far. It has few flowers. Normally I’d pinch them off but I kept them thinking it’d increase the fruit setting on Li. Hopefully it won’t hurt the graft.


The flowers are too small for my fingers to pinch off even if I wanted to. Glad to hear your graft is already flowering. I made lots of new Hetian Jade and Redlands #4 grafts 3 weeks ago. Maybe I’ll get some flowers too.


Where did you ordered Hetian Jade from, please?


I have two Sugar Cane fruits set on one of the grafts. Hope to be able to taste it this year.


I bought a stick of Hetian Jade from Cliff England. His pics show a very large, round fruit.


Thanks. Good to know.


@Susu and @Z9gardener,
Jujubes may be the only fruit tree that I let a new graft set fruit if it holds on to the fruit. It does not seem to hurt the graft development.

My Honey Jar, Sugar Cane, Shanxi Li and Massandra are blooming. So is a bit behind. Don’t see many bees or flies yet.

My many grafts from last are producing flowers this year. I let them all fruit if they can hold their fruit.


Your comment came just in time. I think I’m seeing many fruitlets forming on Ant Admire graft. This variety seems so vigorous. It looks like the graft is going to over take the host plant.


Good to know. I’ll let it keep the flowers and hopefully fruit. Li has a lot of flowers but no fruits yet. I’m watching them daily but no signs of fruit forming yet. Maybe it takes a lot of time between flowering and fruit.


I wonder if Li would be encouraged to set fruit if I watered it a bit. This week has been dry. But the tree shows no sign of drying out.


We have been no rain for the whole month. So bad for jujube trees. I need to water them pretty often.


Jujubes seem to be picky re. pollination. Self fertile does not produce much if there is no other varieties near by. You may remember a pic showing the side of the tree that was closer to another variety set a lot more fruit. A lot of sun seems to do a lot of good to jujubes’ production, too.

Like you, I water my jujubes when we have no rain for an extended period of time. I fertlize them, too. So far, they have been productive for me when they are well hydrated and nourished.


It has rained since Sat and will continue on til Fri (skip only Thurs). It has been pouring rain several days in a row. That’s the good news.

The bad news is it’s happened during jujube bloom time. I wonder how much this on-going rain will negatively affect fruit set.


I have a couple Sugarcane. They’ve grown double their size since last yr (in 20 gal pots), flowered very well but had sparse fruit set. Even less than last yr. I have fertilized and water daily in our heat. Wonder if they will flower again to set more fruit. I have 5-6 varieties and much smaller trees set more fruit than the SC.


I can’t say as I have no jujubes in pots.

My SC in ground has set well these past few years. No sure about this year due to lot of rain.

Not sure who grow jujubes in pots.


In California @castanea grew a lot of jujube in pots.

I’ve found that when my jujus grow a lot they tend to set less fruit. It’s like they concentrate their energy on one thing. A bunch of my jujus have set very little fruit this year and I’m not sure why. Warm winter? Early Spring? Very few pollinating insects when blooming started? Fertilizer? I think I have 6-7 sugarcane and maybe 3 contorteds on six foot trees. NO fruit on a third year Autumn Beauty—that, BTW, grew A LOT!! And then I have a XuZhou that is LOADED and a tiny two foot Massandra that has 20ish fruit. So, I don’t know. Jujus do what they want…


I have jujubes in pots, this is my first year and would like to know what do you fertilize your jujubes with and what else do I need to know.



That is quite typical for Sugar Cane. It is a prolific bloomer but a poor fruit setter. That is why I only keep 2 trees in my orchard mainly to assist other trees with pollination.