Junaluska apple

Anyone here grow the fabled Junaluska? Have read so many different flavor profiles for it but not much from someone that currently grows it.

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I tried my best to make Junaluska work here. It kept getting blight so I cut it out, then more blight. Got rid of blight on it then it refused to set blossom for several years. Then more blight. I finally gave up.

Note: My grafted branches were not in full sun and did not have the greatest air circulation, so factor that in. And I live in blight central so your results may be far better. If you know the story of Chief Junaluska and the Cherokee nation, it’s worth growing just as a reminder of the brutality we’re capable of.

Never did get to taste it. My best Cherokee apple was Nickajack for disease resistance and amazing production.


Thanks for the reply Steve. I have one I’m about to plant and the history on it is sad, for lack of a better word. Interesting story on how Tom Brown found it and all the hard work he put in. Just can’t really find any info on it other than historical stuff. You have any new limbertwig sucesses?

I have a 7 year old Junaluska tree on M7 rootstock which has yet to produce any fruit. In it’s defense it’s not in a prime location and needs more morning sun. I’m considering getting some large Oak trees removed to remedy that problem.


Rick I think you may grow every apple I’ve ever shown interest in. :slight_smile: If you may be so kind what are your top 5 fresh eating apples that you grow?

I have many trees yet to fruit, but so far Myers Royal Limbertwig continues to be my personal favorite with Red Royal Limbertwig, Hall, Winter Sweet, Kentucky Limbertwig, and Bentley Sweet all being great tasting apples right off the tree. Oh I just remembered I’ve tasted some great King of Pippins also. :slight_smile: I’m afraid I couldn’t stop at just 5 and have so many more varieties to taste in the years to come. The anticipation of tasting new varities is what makes this hobby so enjoyable to me. :slight_smile:


As always thanks for the reply Rick. I really value your insight. I have all those on your recommendations except for hall. I do have magnum bonum, just not sure how similar they are.

Not too similar, in my experience. It’s worth trying them both.