June bearing raspberries blooming in October

My Killarney and Boyne raspberries are blooming and setting berries, not just an occasional cane, as sometimes happens, but ALL of them! Since frost is due any time now, there is not much chance they will ripen. Does this mean there will be fewer or no berries on them next June?


I’ve had fruit trees and grapes do this many times now and I always thought it would impact their production but it never has. Raspberries I’m not sure about but I can’t see why they would be different.

No. Unless there is insufficient potash for the roots to process over the winter.

I’m not sure what potash has to do with it, but I hope the untimely blooming doesn’t affect them adversely. After four seasons, the canes are finally stout and plentiful with dark green leaves, after starting out rather sickly and scrawny the first couple years. The thick arborist mulch, 10-10-10 fertilizer and perhaps avoidance of ag herbicide spray drift seem to have helped them become very robust finally, so it was very disappointing to find them covered with new berries forming the other day.

Fundamental to all processes that bring fruit to bear in plants. Potash is the final 10 in the 10-10-10. The 2nd number is phosphate which might have played a role in your untimely fruiting. I think you’re going to be o.k. In the future, try a fertilizer with equal values of N and K (1st and 3rd numbers) but lower in P (2nd number).