Just finished Jonagold- working on Karmijn de Sonneville

The Jonagolds held up quite well, with no wrinkling, and still juicy and pretty crisp. I have to say that they weren’t as sharp as younger apples, but then I’m not as sharp as I once was myself, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything …

I’ve noticed that every variety I’ve stored has sweetened over the months, with it being particularly noticeable with the Jonagolds. They bordered on cloying at times.

Just started on a bag of K d’ S and they seem pretty good. But they wrinkled up more than my other varieties, and I had to discard a few. In about a week we’ll open our “ace in the hole” storage-wise, a bag of Prairie Spy. Two or three years ago we had a few and they were terrible- tough, weird-tasting. Other years we’ve had good ones. But we’ve never had very many, so it’s hard to tell.


I’m surprised that the Jonagold have lasted this long. It is one of my favorites for fresh eating. How do you store them so long?

Bill we just put them in bread bags sealed up with a twist tie and stick them in the fridge with everything else. I know that when I was buying apples it seemed last last year’s Jonagold’s were always pretty good fairly late, so I decided to keep those for last.

But you’re right- they are better eaten fresh. We always start right in on the Liberties because we have so many of them to get through. We also eat our few Rubinettes (like maybe a dozen or so?) right away because so far they haven’t seemed like great keepers. Yellow delicious hold pretty well but we just got three of those this year so we just ate them. Cameo’s have kept quite well for us, but it’s just not our favorite apple.



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