Just for Fruitnut! A little dessert

Fruitnut as we all know you are incredibly inspirational to all of us, me in particular! Your comments today about eating healthy with fruit lead me right into my dining room where my citrus spends the winter. Lo and behold, I had 11 Meyer Lemons on my lemon tree. And who did I think of immediately? Thats right Fruitnut! I thought lets make a fabulous French dessert of Meyer Lemon squares with homemade crust made from butter flour from France, unsalted butter and powdered sugar. There are five eggs in the filling too and an entire cup of Meyer lemon juice with a bit of sugar! Thought you just might like a bite! Mrs. G
PS please notice the small size of the Meyer lemons as once they are brought indoors they don’t grow as large as when they ripen out of doors. One has its rind missing as it is in the squares!


Looks delicious. I’d eat a little if I were there. Enjoy and don’t let me affect your lifestyle.

Don’t worry, but if you were here you wouldn’t be so skinny and better looking! :heart_eyes:


I’ll take whatever Fruitnut doesn’t want


My mouth is literally watering. (I mean literally as in its original meaning)


Never thought I’d agree with that statement :smile:

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it bothers me that two pieces are cut rectangular and the rest square, I’d have had to eat those two prior to the picture :wink:

Those look amazing…recipe please.

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LOL. One of those guys huh wink:

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Mrs. G those are gorgeous! They are calling me …

Would you tell me what “butter flour” is? I took it to mean buerre manie, is that right? I assumed it’s what you used to thicken that beautiful curd, along with the eggs, but then I see you used it in the crust.

I used to make something somewhat similar, if not as elegant, with a pre-cooked shortbread crust. Unfortunately, in that commercial setting there was no butter involved :- (


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Pssst I’m a grammar fascist in my spare time (Grammar Nazi, is, of course, incorrect word usage), and I feel strongly about letting the world know that literally meant figuratively BEFORE it meant literally. When you say literally,_ in the original sense_, you mean figuratively.

MisterGuy, let’s not get started on “hopefully” either!

You are awesome. My mouth is watering non-stop! How far is the drive to you from Georgia? :yum:


Butter flour is correct and you are so right, I used it to thicken the curd and I used it for the crust.

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I’m a fairly good baker, though not perfect, if I would have been shooting for a mag. article or a book, the shot would have been different. Aren’t we just folks here?

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You’re all invited over!

Boy, but can I ever relate to that!

Really though, Mrsg, real is perfect. I likes
em just the way they is.

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Last year when I asked Scott to create a category for “using fruit” posts like this one was EXACTLY what I had in mind. It’s so fun to see what people actually do with the prized fruit we all work so hard for. And I can’t imagine a better example than those incredible looking lemon squares! Picturing them with the lemons was even better! If I told most people that a lady I know in RHODE (freaking) ISLAND grew her own lemons, they’d never believe me! Great job, Mrs. G!


Thank you! :blush:

For MikeC. Here is a picture of my Meyer Lemon bars. They were fantastic.