Just got another pluot.. uh oh!

Just got a Dapple Supreme pluot in… I should have known better than to order it though. It came in at about 1/2 caliper so perfect in terms of size for my 15 gallon pot. The only bad thing is this… it was already starting to leaf out!! Now before you go on and say “put it outside”, right now no can do. Tomorrow high of 13, low of -7. Not good. Next week though it’s supposed to be around 45-50ish for daytime highs. When I did the initial pruning to get it down in terms of size (24-30 inches) I did lop off the little buds that had small leaflets on them. So right now all the rest of the buds are dormant. Question is do I bring it inside and try to grow it in front of a window, or since I put it in a semi dormant state by pruning (only cut off about 3-4 small buds that had broke) is it safe to keep it in the garage with the rest of my potted, dormant trees.

PLEASE HELP!!! :slight_smile: lol!!

Keep it in the garage as cool as possible. Then move it outside when temperatures are moderate. It should be fine even if it leafs out a little before it can stay out full time.

Thanks fruitnut!! I had figured by bringing it back to a dormant, semi dormant state it would probably be ok. Just wanted to double check with others.