Just got in a nursery order, growths on blueberries and leaf spots on strawberries, should i be concerned?

I just got in one of my nursery orders through the mail. All of the blueberries look super healthy other than one that has these odd growths on them. Anyone know what these are? Ive isolated the plants in the meanwhile. In addition, the strawberries have spots all over the leaves. Any advice is appreciated.

Blueberry stem gall.


I was going to say some sort of gall insect. Probably worth extracting and removing the little critters I’d imagine.

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What type of strawberries? Looks like anthracnose to me, and some varieties are much more susceptible than others. I’m growing a resistant variety (Sequoia) that still gets hit by it, but at tolerable levels. I used to grow Kent but had to remove all the plants since they were not at all resistant.

I’d not be happy if I got diseased strawberries from a nursery. I would contact them and let them know, and hopefully you can either get a refund or at least credit. Once your strawberries are infected it’s very difficult to keep anthracnose in check.


Thank you @Lucky_P and @disc4tw, all the galls have been removed and destroyed. It was a jersey which is also supposedly very susceptible.

Thank you. Luckily I isolated them pretty quickly and then trashed them. I would have preferred burning them but have no real way to do that out here. I’ve already contacted the nursery.

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I’m surprised that a reputable nursery would ship such noticeably affected plants. Other than the galls, they looked to be very nice plants.

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I was very surprised myself. And the strawberry leaf spot issue too, it was very widespread on them.

This sort of thing is far less likely to happen if the seller is also the grower.

Some are ‘resellers’ of things others grow.

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I absolutely do not want to give a bad name to them because I’ve ordered from them before and they’ve always been great, but it was Hartmanns. I let them know about the issue and they of course refunded me and offered to give free replacements of other varieties that are resistant. Mr. Hartmann himself called me and apologized.