Juteuse de Chailly pear

I have found inconsistent information on whether this is a dessert or perry pear.

If you have experience with it that you can share, I’d appreciate hearing it.


Well I have Google I can share…


Seems to indicate its a perry pear in Switzerland. Their perry/cider fruits are less astringent than the English/French/Spanish so it might also be a good dessert pear.

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Gorgeous little pear but I’d never heard of it



Thanks @scottfsmith and @clarkinks. I had run across those sources as well. From those and others, the best that I’ve been able to conclude is that the little pear shown in the ARS images is “grosse” in the “Grosse Wasserbirne” synonyms by perry pear standards and that, while very sweet and juicy, may not have have notable dessert quality otherwise. That conclusion, though, is trying to make sense of some seemingly inconsistent information and it may be that there is some difference between what goes under the various reported synonyms. I may have some extra wood of it, if either of you would like a stick.

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A very rare pear indeed. I’m finding very little information at all about this pear.