Kaki male flowers

My California Maru and Zenji Maru trees are starting to flower.
So is my coffee cake (Nishimura Wase).

Will either Maru or Zenji Maru produce male flowers? I don’t have the chocolate persimmon tree.

my maru had male flowers last year ill keep you posted this year what happens.

Where did you get your Zenji Maru? It’s supposed to be a popular pollinator in Japan. Female flowers are supposed to grow singly while males in groups of 3 from what I read.

My Chocolate tree seems to only have female flower buds emerging at this time. Same with a different pollinator I grafted, while another different variety seems too young to have any flowers at all.


That’s great to hear about Zenji Maru.
The flowers do look like they are male. (as they appear clustered).

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