Kalos pecan

I can’t find much info, but it appears to be a new pecan variety out of UGA. What I have found so far is a patent/trademark application filed in January and a June update to Georgia’s pecan pollination chart listing Kalos pecan as protandrous with fairly wide dates for pollen shed vs pistillate receptivity.

I’ll hazard a guess that they are not advertising in hopes of keeping it under wraps until they have trees propagated.


I got a bit more info this morning. This is 03-6-32 a cross between Sioux and Desirable with 46 nuts per pound and 56 percent kernel. The notes I was able to locate suggest it will scab heavily. It may be useful for commercial pecan growers who spray for scab but probably not useful for home owners wanting a yard tree. While I don’t have any direct information on the variety, Sioux as a parent suggests it may be a smaller tree which is useful in high density plantings. We will see how it turns out. Trees will be available this fall according to one source.