Kalos pecan

I can’t find much info, but it appears to be a new pecan variety out of UGA. What I have found so far is a patent/trademark application filed in January and a June update to Georgia’s pecan pollination chart listing Kalos pecan as protandrous with fairly wide dates for pollen shed vs pistillate receptivity.

I’ll hazard a guess that they are not advertising in hopes of keeping it under wraps until they have trees propagated.


I got a bit more info this morning. This is 03-6-32 a cross between Sioux and Desirable with 46 nuts per pound and 56 percent kernel. The notes I was able to locate suggest it will scab heavily. It may be useful for commercial pecan growers who spray for scab but probably not useful for home owners wanting a yard tree. While I don’t have any direct information on the variety, Sioux as a parent suggests it may be a smaller tree which is useful in high density plantings. We will see how it turns out. Trees will be available this fall according to one source.

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Kalos finally has something published. ‘Kalos’, a New Pecan Cultivar for Commercial Orchards in the Southeastern United States in: HortScience Volume 57 Issue 3 (2022)

It is a very fast growing vigorous tree. From what I’ve read, nut size and quality were major reasons for release.

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Thanks for the info and the link. I’ve not seen this cultivar advertised by any of the nurseries that I can recall. Should be an ideal pollinator for Avalon, Lakota, Kanza, McMillan, And Zinner. I may try this if my pollinators don’t make it.

SEPGA has a new presentation from Patrick Conner that includes Kalos pecan. The short version is that it is comparable with Sumner in scab resistance, matures earlier, and is more productive. Scab resistance is notoriously difficult given how rapidly the scab fungi adapt. Per the document, Huffman is already showing signs of loss of resistance. See what you think.

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UGA finally has a writeup about Kalos. Kalos - Cultivars | Pecan Breeding