Keep or pull this peach tree?

It has been a tough two years for this tree but itnis our only producing one becayse borers took the rest. This year it blossomed and set fruit. The leaves are coming in very slowly and the bottom is about 40% cut around the circumference from borers. It has several little pea sized peach starts. Think this can be a tree still or should it go? Located denver co if that matters.

You know what’s going to happen. Just get a new Peach tree now and a 30 gallon planter. Plant it Head it ag 18" above the graft. Get some good scaffolds. Do the same to the good scaffolds next year. Plant it in the ground year 2 or 3.

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Boreres did not take away all your fruit. Borers bore in to tree trunk, usually at the ground/soil level or a bit below it. You will see gooey, clump of gel-like substance at the boring siteWhat bored into your fruit were likely these two big pests, plum curculio and Oriental Fruit moths.

Around the trunk of your tree, it could be bunnies’s work.

I don’t save poor looking peach tree like that. If you want to safe it, take off 5 ft circumference of the grass under the tree and replace it with mulch. Peach trees have shallow roots and do not like to compete with grass. You can fertilizing it with high nitrogen fertilizer like urea to push growth.

If you don’t want to save it, buy a new tree but you need to keep grass of the base of the tree for 4-5 ft around it.

If you do not want to spray to protect fruit from insects and fugal diseases, don’t grow peaches. They need protection to get fruit. There are guidance here on how to do a low spray program for fruit trees. It is under Guies category.