Keeping multiple grafts or prune down to one?

So I crazily grafted multiple apricots of the same cultivar onto some of my plum trees because I’d never grafted apricots and was worried about the success rate. Amazingly, they all have seem to taken and are starting to leaf out. So, imagine 3 apricot scions grafted onto 3 branches off of one main scaffold. Do I prune the 2 weakest grafts out or do I just leave all 3 grafts (if they all seem to be doing really well) to have more apricot branches in the future?

These grafts are not the type where the tree is headed and the graft is bark grafted to create a new trunk. These grafts are going onto existing branches higher up on the tree.


I do graft over existing grafts or interstems once in a while due to inferior varieties or too many extra grafts of the same variety. I remember one time I did 3 interstem grafts and finally got the right variety that I wanted it.


I have so e with the same variety grafted more than once. If the graft takes, is growing well. and healthy, I keep them all growing. If it was just for a pollinator, I might only keep one growing. Word of warning- I am just a novice.

i’d leave them. You can always prune them out down the road or graft over them like Tony says…

Thanks everyone, will leave all of the grafts on.

Some pics might help. You just need a plan for the structure of the tree. Are these grafts competing with each other? Id just prune them like you would any other growth on the tree. Train them to a good dirction and prune crossing branches and branches that are shading each other