Keeping tools from getting rusty

How are you keeping your tools from getting rusty? Are you doing anything? Not a fan of WD40. I’m trying a new (to me) product called Star Bright:

Pricey? Maybe, but it would be really expensive if it didn’t work, which is how I feel about WD40. I’ll keep folks posted on how it works if there is any interest. Or maybe you have an “A” game with regard to tool maintenance.

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I like to use the ARS cleaner, it’s made to keep pruners pristine as long as you use it after use, it works well.
As far as for lubrication nothing beats Motor Kote. I also don’t live near an ocean full of salt. Tools usually don’t rust unless wet around here.

Motor Kote forms a seal around metal. It attaches to the metal. It’s not an oil, so no dust, dirt or whatever collect on it. great for bike chains. It lasts a long time too. I use it on my chain saws to keep the blade sharper, longer. It protects the metal by coating the metal, forming a barrier from the air. Anything you use WD40 for Motor Kote will work better and last longer.