“Kinda bare root” planting

I budded Fuji on a potted M-111 last year. It grew great this year and I planted it yesterday. I tried to remove all the soil but the fibrous roots hung onto quite a bit of soil. Any other varieties that you can suggest I add on to this tree?

Planted it deep because of all the burr knots


I wouldn’t graft too many on it as Fuji is very good here. May be Pink Lady as it ripens at an opportunistic time (i.e new year). I wanted to like Hudson’s Golden Gem based on the description, but the apples from two sources have been disappointing. From a tasting box I tried at Epicenter nursery, I liked Pomme Gris (small, russetted coconutty), Rubaiyat (expected a tart red fleshed apple, but the flavor was good) and Ambrosia (quite sweet).

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I wouldn’t graft anything for one season while it plugs in, unless you have plenty of time and don’t mind risking some failures. Grafts will take better once tree is in full vigorous growth and will likely bear fruit just as soon as a result of greater vigor.

As far as your question about what to graft- wow, so much to choose from. I’d start with something better for culinary purposes- something with some acid kick. I’ll let growers in your climate make their specific suggestions. Stick to the advice of growers who have at least several years experience with the varieties they recommend. Way I see it, it takes about 10 years to get a really clear picture of any given variety- but our weather is more variable than yours during the growing season.

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HGG was amazing from an orchard near Philadelphia, as was Pomme Gris. So I think it depends on location.

And on the season. HGG ranges from OK to exceptional here. Seems to need a bit of drought late in the season to reach best quality here and because it is very low acid- without high brix if falls flat in my mouth. .

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I would be surprised if location is an issue. I hear good reviews from So. Cal and even in Santa Cruz taste tests, it ranked quite high. Bay Area isn’t too different from these locations. I did try it both early and late season and both were low sugar and flat as Alan described. It is possible that the two samples are still too few to evaluate or it has a narrow window of peak ripeness.