King David Cross Pollinators

I’m thinking of adding a King David apple to my late apple collection, and wondering what cross pollinator options I might have? I think Cripps is one, but my Cripps won’t be very close to where I would be planting the King David. It will be next to a Sundowner I planted last season. Not sure if the bloom times are similar enough for Sundowner to act as a cross-pollinator? Open to any good suggestions!

Patty S.

Yes, Cripps it’s on the list:

but not sundowner

Thanks, Francisco, I should have mentioned I already checked Orange Pippen’s sight. The reason Sundowner isn’t on their list is they don’t have it listed in their apple tree line up, nor do they sell that cultivar. So, it’s not that Sundowner wouldn’t possibly be a cross-pollinator option. Hoping Kevin will weigh in here to let me know. Sundowner is also known as Cripps II, it is a sibling of Cripps (PInk Lady). Hence my question :slight_smile: And, if there any other late apples/late bloomers that would be acceptable cross pollinators (like Lady Williams).

[quote=“hoosierquilt, post:3, topic:3634”]
Sundowner is also known as Cripps II, it is a sibling of Cripps (PInk Lady)
[/quote] I did’t know it, thanks hoosier

But I just see that there is a sundower list, and king david is on it:

Oh, you are a better sleuth than I am, Francisco. Thank you. I sort of suspected this might be the case, but good to see that in print. I’m limited in my space at this point, so trying to squeeze in yet another tree for pollination would have been difficult. I would have to have resorted to grafting into the tree.

King David blossoms with all the other apples, it just ripens later. Just about any variety other than low-chill ones will pollinate it, same with all the other late varieties.

Thanks, Kevin :slight_smile: It will be right next to Sundowner and Lady Williams, so it will have some nice company.