Kiwi in North Texas?

Well without doing any major research I purchased some Hardy Kiwi vines. All the videos and articles I read touted these things as easy to grow and cold hardy. I thought this sounded great. I have a fence line I can put them on and enjoy fruit in 3-5 years.

Well after reading more information out there it seems as though these vines don’t handle heat very well. Our here in north texas it gets hot and goes on for a while. I can keep the ground moist but worry about this heat. Is this a lost cause? Anyone here have experience growing hardy kiwi in high heat?

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Following. I’m in North Central Texas and have wondered the same thing. Local places will sell small kiwi starts, but those same places are selling gooseberry and currant starts, which I’m pretty sure is a big fail.

Yeah I don’t trust local nurseries anymore. Back in the day you could count on them to carry varieties that work for the area. Now they just buy in bulk from the big guys (dave wilson), and jack the prices up. I often see low chill hour peaches around here meant for south texas. I feel bad for the people who buy them and never get a crop

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