Kiwi trunk what should i do with them

Hi i got two days ago 2 kiwi’s 7 years old (actinidia arguta) with part of trunk about 30 cm above ground, i transplanted them and now i need advice what would be best solution.Both of them are bleeding sap and i don’t know is it possible to get some new growth from roots, i looked and i didn’t saw any bud on trunks.
Should i try to graft them i have scions from actinidia deliciosa?
Problem is that they bleed sap a lot, should i left them bleed and after rootstock stops bleeding sap than to try to graft or now to try to graft?.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you grown kiwi before? When I prune mine in the spring they bleed sap like crazy! I mean it pools up and drips out like a leaky pipe.

Of course these are vines that have been planted for years. If your question is about what to do with the bleeding trunks on a newly transplanted tree, I’m not really sure other than to water them well

Hi here are results of transplantation and grafting actinidia arguta kiwis two months later :wink:.

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