Know any nurseries that do custom grafting?

I have a client that wants me to turn some fresh wood from a beloved apple tree they must leave into about 20 new trees to plant on a new property and to give as gifts to other family members. Years ago I used a small southern nursery to do this but don’t even remember the name of it. My own operation is not ideal for this so I’m looking for alternatives- it has to be one that does spring grafting and can do it this spring.

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Could it have been Big Horse Creek?

@39thparallel orchard does custom grafting.

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Have you talked to Schlabach’s? They will take orders for varieties not in their catalog and custom graft to whatever root stock you want, but obviously a person must wait for it. It’s probably worth a call.
I wish they sold more varieties on a yearly basis, and I really like to visit them. They usually have varieties in cold storage and hook me on a few more trees every year I place my order. I never really considered Asian pears until last week when I put in my order and was given a few Olympics. I think that’s the same as Korean giant. It was very good and knowing it will keep till at least end of January in a root cellar is a huge plus for me. I ended up ordering 2 of those trees. It put my order at just over $500. Fruit tree growing is turning into an expensive, but very rewarding, hobby. :slight_smile:

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What’s their phone #. They are in my state, I believe.

Grandpa’s used to do it too, not sure anymore?

They’re amish in Medina, NY. 585-798-6198

10 tree minimum

Do you know their location?


If you’re asking me, Wagonwheel is in KS

Wagon Wheel is about 30 miles from me, although I’ve never met the guy and only driven by his orchard, so I can’t vouch for the quality/customer service. But they do offer custom grafting (i.e. benchgrafts). According to smsmith’s link, they are putting apples on mm111 this year.

It may not be worth your time, but if you just want benchgrafts, I’ve bought mm111 rootstock from Greenmantle nursery before, grafted them and set them out. I think he charged me something like $2 a rootstock. I know you mentioned custom grafting doesn’t fit your operation, but just offering info, in case your not happy with other custom grafting arrangements.

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Also, Walden Heights in northern VT does custom grafting

Pretty sure Maple Valley Orchards in WI does custom grafting as well.

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I would be happy to to it if you haven’t got something else lined up. I could bench graft and grow them out for a year. Just send me a PM. I have M111 & B118 for rootstock this year.


Century Farm Orchards (Reidsville, NC) does custom grafts (scroll down to the bottom of the page for info)

Hidden Springs Nursery in Cookeville, TN will also do custom grafts for apples for $16
Hidden Springs Nursery (look under apples)