Korean Giant and Harrow Sweet


Finished picking Korean Giant pears today and looks like the Harrow Sweet will soon be ready.

Korean Giant

Harrow Sweet

Grady letting the squirrels and birds know that it’s not going to happen on his watch.


That Harrow Sweet looks delicious! I


I want to borrow that cat😀


Some of those certainly look like giants! Is the condensation inside the sandwich bag detrimental to the fruit in any way? I want to try this next year, so I can see what’s going on inside the bags. Can’t tell when there are problems with the fruit when using certain fabric bags.


It will affect the fruits with soft skin when ripe. I wouldn’t use them on figs, they become mushy from the steam, when start changing the color. Apples, asian pears, and persimmons seem to be fine. Plums or pluots are fine if you pick before they turn soft. Depends on how big is the final size of the fruits I may use the quart size, or even a gallon bag to group many plums at the tip of the branch. I would remove any leaves inside the bag. They work for grapes too. The main concern is to make sure that the stem is not contricted, so for the fruits with basically “no stem”, I would use a bigger bag and clothespins to pull and close the opening over the branch instead of zipping up.


To be determined for pears but I haven’t observed any adverse issues with apples. I bagged some pears with ziploc bags and some with screen. My opinion is that more but not all in the ziplocs had what might be rust. Some in the screen also had issues but not as many. Wish I had a definitive answer.


Compared to my other varieties some of the KG are pretty big but not as big as I think the potential is. The biggest were just shy of a pound.


I hope they are good tasting. I have enough fruit this year to ease into the picking with some taste test.