Krymsk 1 rootstock back in stock at Cummins today

I ordered mine from Raintree earlier this year then Cummins had 100 for sale that all went in one day. If anyone is still interested in wanting Krymsk 1 rootstock for spring then I’m letting you know that Cummins just put up 413 of them today. Raintree and Grandpas still don’t have any.

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What do you plan on grafting to it?

I ordered some scions from Bob Purvis for this spring, Polly plum is going onto K1, Big Blue plum is going onto K1 (Even though I bought a tree from Millers before they went Tits Up and it has yet to produce, won’t say I have scions for it til I know it is that and this spring will be the 5th leaf for it) and the other scion is Purpleheart plum and that I plan on grafting to Marianna GF8-1. As for the other K1 rootstocks I just plan on putting them in pots for this year and planting them into the ground this fall. If I really want I could prune off a piece of Tomcot apricot that I planted last season from Raintree and see how that does on it.

It’ll be interesting to see how it does with peaches and nectarines. I’ve read mixed reports.

Ya, I am not that bold enough to try peaches on it yet since I saw the reports from ( It was either No. or So. Carolina and I can’t remember which that had dismal reports of death!). Besides this will be the first year I try grafting anything and I did buy a grafting tool to see how it works out. Nothing against Old School knives and X-acto knives but I also don’t have much space on 1/3 acre here if it is even that.

Thanks for posting this. I bought 10 K1 rootstocks for doing some experiments with apricot seedlings I’m growing.