Kudos to Drew

Drew, grafted your 2 pieces of sions to Chicago Hardy, one fail, it grow very good, it even had 2 figs on it, than the Chicago Hardy rootstock dry up and the tree died. Could not save it. The other is doing well, grafted and airlayered at the same time. I usely use 5gl Rootmaker pots. Ran out of them, had 24 at one time. Gave away some, how stupid.

Kudos to Andrew, got 2 tree’s, a little one and a big one, the little one is doing very good, the big one have issues, maybe the new medium might be staying to wet and maybe the roots dried a bit but it will be doing better soon.

Kudos to the Podpiper,send me a bunch of seeds(Peru) 2 years ago, Plants went through this past winter, still going. Yellow, green, red, all hot and hotter.