Kumquat issue

Sure hoping posters will answer this question. I have an issue with the Nagami Kumquat. This year for the first time, I have experienced so much fruit drop. The fruit develops a black round spot then falls off the tree before maturing. Is there any organic means of treating this tree or just pluck it up. thank you, Houston, Carol Smith

Could it be Citrus Black Spot? Perhaps a copper fungicide would help.

Thought it might be a lack of some nutrient. I could always spray the tree. thanks

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Many reports of the same thing. My citrus fruit turned brown then molded and dropped off. Had several hundred shiranui drop. Near Sugar Land, TX

Think I talked with you before as I live in Bellaire with many fruit trees.
One kumquat tree each fruit had 1 or some 2 black circles only 1/4". The rest of the kumquat trees were OK
I picked as soon as I could, put in jars with sugar/wheylow.
The ones I kept seem to be ok
They only developed this black spot at the end of the fruits life
My hus treated this morning with a product called BeeSafe a fungicide/herbicide for fruit. Organic if I remember. Also bought calcium since Southwest Fertilizer said it was a calcium deficiency.
Just don’t know.
My avocado have fruit for the first time
Hope all your fruit is doing well. No freeze this year.