KYSU Paw Paw varieties

Does anyone have much information on the Kentucky State University paw paw varieties?
I know of Atwood, Benson, Hi 1-4, Hi 4-1, and Hi 7-1. There is some good information online about Atwood and a bit on Benson but not much on the others. They are all pretty new varieties so this is understandable.

– Atwood is listed as being very productive, ripens mid-season, less susceptible to wind damage to to strong right-angled branching, medium sized fruit, mango-like flavor.
– Benson is listed as high yielding, round, medium-sized fruit, early ripening, rich flavor, orange flesh, mango/banana/pineapple-like flavor.
– 4-1 is likely the their next to be named, strong and vigorous tree, low seed to pulp ratio, fruity flavor, 8-12 oz average.
– 7-1 has creamy white flesh, tropical fruity flavor, medium-large fruits in 10-16oz range,

I have not try to grow the Atwood. For me Shenandoah, Halvin, Mango, Susquehanna, and Wabbash are all very productive and very good flavor.


For future reference…