Lane 2nd year


Lane 2nd year. This was a larger transplant that was already 2’ down the wire. Grew off well and even provided a few ripe muscadines last year. It has a good amount of fruit this year.


Fruit from this vine and a couple of Supreme.


This is a second year Black Beauty. Started from about 12" and I used the Ison methods. It probably has what will end up being 1-2 quarts of fruit. Starting with a larger plant most likely would have helped bring it into higher production faster in my opinion.


They look good. I planted lane and black beauty this spring looking forward to your taste report both are supposed to be good


These two are at the top of my list for taste. The skin is sweet and edible. Hope yours do well. How are you liking living in the southeast? I regularly drive over to Cobb county to visit my daughter/family.


I must have read a prior thread you made about them influencing my choice in ordering them but I’ve read positive about them in a muscadine fb group as well.

I’m liking it very much out here for a number of reasons. The humidity can be oppressive during the summer but we have a pool which helps and air conditioning which we didn’t have in California. We’re lucky not to have a mosquito problem.


If you don’t mind me asking? I just planted 10 Muscadine plants. Is that just T posts with a single wire? I was going to do 4x4 posts and double wire but that’s a lot of work if I don’t have to…


I only use t-post but most people use heavy wood post on the ends so they can stretch the wire. I don’t have much room so all my vines are separated and I don’t think I need the wood/anchor others use. Of course that is my opinion and I have only been doing it for three year without an issue. If you decide on only t-post I can provide more specific details. The setup is quick and I haven’t had any problems but it is early.


If your plants are all in one row I would suggest going with the heavy wood end post.


They are all in one row. I have the anchors, wire and posts I was going to use on some blackberries but I think it will be better used on the grapes. Maybe just using the end posts and one in the middle would be the way to go. I have to get them off the ground soon. Thanks


Hi Auburn, I’m thinking to use only t-post for two separate vines and I’d be interested in those details if you don’t mind.


I will take some pictures tomorrow showing the post setup and explain.


Thank you


As of now the t-post method has performed well but they haven’t had time to see how they hold up long term. I don’t anticipate any problems with the system but you never know for sure. Lane carried over fifty pounds of fruit this year and I only observed an insignificant wire drop. This was a learn as you go project and the post aren’t as upright as the drawings. Let me know if I can better explain.

Rough drawing of an end post (t-post)

Third year Lane with optional end brace.

Third year Black Beauty without optional end brace.


Is that a hot wire below? How do you keep the grass out? Looks great


It is a fence charger wire (worked well). I mostly use a cordless weed eater about once a week to keep weeds out and the mulch helps also. You could use roundup (I don’t) but be careful applying near the trunk. You only need the wire hot during the ripening time so keeping the wire weed free is short term.


You probably can’t see it in the picture but the wire between each vine is about 7’ high so no weed removal is needed. The hot wire is only needed at night so I have it set up to kick on and off for the dark hours.


How wide is the weed free area?


Estimated 18"


I need mine to look like yours!! Maybe next year I’ll get better control