Lane 2nd year

Excellent, thank you. I’d like to put two of these on the side of my home close to house. Thinking i can install first 20 ft row maybe 3 ft away from house brick wall. And maybe other row of grape next to that one 4 ft apart from first row. Thinking I’ll need to plant one vine at one end and the other on opposite end and train vines to crawl on two wires heading towards each other. Do you think that will work?

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Your muscadine looks healthy and on it’s way to being productive. If it is self fertile you have a good chance of getting a good sample of fruit off it next year.

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You can plant as described but there will be some difficulty pruning and picking with the close spacing. I don’t think you need the distances a commercial grower needs because they have large equipment to run through the rows. My vines pictured are 7’ apart and I’m able to easily work all around them and they appear healthy and vigorous. I haven’t seem any comparative studies showing that wider spacing gives better production results. A homeowner with a few vines can go the extra mile with care because he doesn’t have hundreds to manage.

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If i may ask, what’s the width of vines fully grown out looking from end post down the wire to other posts?

What’s the width of grass patch between rows?

Thanks for your help.

Good question and the same thing I ask when I started planting. My vines are not representative of a full width vine due to trimming them back a little and having a a net pulling down. If not pruned the vines would have at least some touching in the middle. It has been a while back when I asked Kenny about his spacing and I think he said most was 7’ apart. If you look through his video you can see a few sections of the middle of the rows and how much they touch. He might see this post and comment. @Sunny_Orchard.

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My vines are 8 years old and I would say the reach out about 3.5’ on each side. At 7’ spacing. They touch each other a bit. At 6’ they are growing into each other. At 5’ I have to walk the row every other day and push them back to each side. Else I won’t be able to walk through in 3 weeks. I think 8’ are good if you are just using a push mower.

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Well it’s my only female, black beauty. It set four fruit probably from vines in woods. I have lane, hall, and triumph for self fertile, hopefully when they get going I’ll be in good shape

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Good group.

Good video, thanks. Looks like I’ll have to use 7 ft spacing between these two rows. These two will be the only vines in close proximity. I’d like to have the two rows 6 ft off the ground. Hoping that will allow me room to get under these two to pick fruit.

Looks like i screwed up. My other vines i planned on growing on a wooden privacy fence. I read a post on another website where the guy had pictures of his muscidines growing in a wooden privacy fence. Guess I’ll have to cancel what I’ve done and put posts 3 ft away from wooden privacy fence, this sucks, lol.

At each 4 x 4 post i drilled a hole and inserted a 1/2 by 12 inch long I- bolt and ran the wire. I saw this online but now after watching that video i may not have room on the back side next to fence.

If this is the case then i need to put t-post 3 ft away from 4 x 4 post and move wire there.

I posted picture below what i did from what i saw.

Sunny, thank you for chiming in.

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Just spoke to a friend who has a friend that setup his vines in the same configuration. He says there’s no problems with this. Guess i could let this go and if it starts to be a problem install new post further out away from old post prune vines and detach from wire and move over.

Any thoughts on this?

where did you get the eye bolts at that size that hold up in the weather? some of them that I find online seem quite expensive at those sizes

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Lowes and home depot sell them for about $4 each for 1/2 x 12 inches with nut, galvanized. Couldn’t find stainless. Washers were $6 for a large pack.

In the same location they have various turnbuckles to tighten wire that are large enough to endure the stress and hook on to i-bolt for about $4 each

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