Lane ripe

Looking over my small quantity of Lane and I found a few that are ripe. Very good self pollinating muscadine. Sweet and crunchy.


Besides Southern Home do you have any other varieties?

I added a black muscadine last year. Kept going back and forth on Lane and Black Beauty and finally decided on BB now I just hope I don’t regret it.

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I have Black Beauty and Supreme. In my opinion BB is the best tasting of all the muscadines or at least all I have tasted.

Have you tried Darlene? It is another one that I have but have not tried.

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I have also tried Darlene although I don’t have it. It is very good and I think you will like it. Two years ago I had an opportunity to tour and taste all the muscadines at a nearby orchard Petals From The Past. I must admit of all the varieties they grow none of them were bad. Supreme is the one most recognized as being very good and I did a side by side comparison to BB at Dr Powell’s suggestion. BB was the clear winner. My consumption has been primarily been for fresh eating so I don’t know which would be best for wine or jelly.

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