Laroda fails to please again

Perhaps the brix would have risen if I left them on the tree longer, but even though they are firm, they are dark purple and have started falling off the tree. Many came off the tree with the slightest of touch.
Perhaps they would get up enough sugar to be good if late afternoon sun wasn’t blocked but my Laroda tree produces mediocre fruit where it is. I harvested a large crop of Satsuma from a nearby tree that tastes good.

The difference in brix is small, but Laroda tastes like a typical store bought plum. Satsuma tastes special.

Does anyone else in the northeast grow Laroda and get better results? I suspect the specific site I have for my tree is a big part of the problem. The Flavor Grenade next to it also has mediocre fruit this year and I manage that variety elsewhere where it is quite sweet and good.

Some plums are more adaptable to various sites than others. I’ve never eaten a bad Elephant Heart and I used to grow them on my property in heavy shade. The fruit was small for the variety, but very sweet.

My Larodas were good but not great this year. I remember them being better in past years though. It sounds like it is not super consistent. Satsuma if picked at the right time and not allowed to overset has been much more consistent for me.

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