Last minute Jujubes

Hi friends. I know it is crazy late to try and put in an order, wait for shipment, and plant a tree. That being said, I’ve decided (probably, unless you all tell me I’d be doomed to failure for sure) that I want to order a couple jujubes and try to get them going this year instead of waiting for next year or fall.

The problem is I know even less about jujubes that I do about any other fruit tree- and that is a scary statement! Anyway, I’m looking for advice from you ladies and gentlemen. First, if you have a vendor that still has trees and that you think would be better than mine, please let me know. By “mine” I’m referring to Edible Landscaping- mostly because its one of the only places that still has some trees and is under $50 each.

If there is any way some of you would be willing to take a quick look at the Jujube varieties that Edible Landscaping has left and let me know which ones you think are the best jujubes and/or the best for my area (zone 7a/6b on the TN/KY state line) I would very much appreciate it. Also, my knowledge is so limited that I have no idea which varities will pollinate which, so please keep that in mine if you try to help me pick 2 jujubes from Edible Landscaping or elsewhere.

Here are EL’s jujubes:

As always, thank-you in advance for any assistance you may be willing to provide.


I know nothing about jujubes, but England’s probably still has them, too. If you call or email, Cliff is very helpful and can advise you.

Honey Jar, Sugar Cane, and Li are all good ones from EL. Give the tree plenty of room and sun.

Burntridgestill has Li left at $32 a tree. I ordered sugar cane and honey jar from it. They will be here in two week.

I am a novice jujube grower, too

Ison’s has Li and Sherwood on sale I got my “Li” from them a few years ago. I’m not so sure it’s a Li, though.

I bought my Sugar Cane from BurntRidge, but they aren’t showing it listed now.

Based on my limited experience, Sugar Cane was very good. Li, or whatever it is, didn’t seem to want to ripen up very well. Some of the later ripening fruit was ok.

Also, it appears Raintree still has Sugar Cane available, as well as a few other varieties.

would strongly recommend hj and li from ediblelandscaping.
hj may be a bit more tender to hard freezes, being much slower-growing and having thin trunks and branches.
but–you could always plant it in a 5 to 15 gallon pot and just bring it into your garage for winter.

contorted is not as good taste-wise, but is an extraordinary ornamental which also happens to bear very sweet fruit.
per ediblelandscaping-- jujus may survive zone 5(even tolerates -20F), but this is misleading, because the growing season may be too short, since jujus dont care about air temp, and rely on soil temp being consistently warm before deciding to leaf out. It may be good protection against late frosts, but fruits may get caught by cold weather before even ripening.
fortunately the available ones–honeyjar, li, and sugarcane are all early.
burntridgenursery still has chico, which is outstanding, but may be difficult to get to fruit in colder/humid regions.
but like hj, it is also dwarfish and can be grown in a 5 gallon pot and thus permit placing in the sunniest and warmest spot in the yard. And if in a pot, it will have no access to ground moisture, which may help you simulate dry conditions(or ‘drying-in-between-waterings’)which xerophytes favor.

apart from the late Roger Meyer, whose business has ceased, burntridge is the only source of grafted chico and am afraid they may decide to stop carrying this cultivar for whatever reason(much like ogw has stopped carrying winter delight and autumn beauty), so strongly recommend anyone to acquire this excellent variety before it ends up being hard-to-get.

have been checking burntridge now and then, and honey jar was the first to be sold out, then sugarcane–evidently the 2 most ‘in-demand’.

I ordered HJ, SC and Shanxi Li jujubes. Which one is the tallest, please? What to make sure I do not plant the tall one in front of a short one.

The only area that get full sun has standing water after heavy rain. Water goes away ina couple of hour. I am thinking about raised beds. How high a raised bed should be to make sure the roots stay dry?

I could put the short one in a pot but would prefer in ground planting if I can.

at the rate our shanxi li took off by finally developing just two sturdy and long upright growth( after 2-3 years of being runty–due to developmental delays inherent to the budwood used on the graft) i could predict it will be the tallest.
sugarcane grows fast too, but tends to branch out and develop several stems with apical dominance even as a younger specimen, making it an ideal variety for multi-grafting. Vertical growth of sc seems to slow down at around 10 feet, whereas our shanxi is already about 7 feet tall but still assumes a juvenile constitution–lanky.

honey jar seems to be the laggard here in the desert, with upright growth topping off at about 6 feet, and tends to resume growth from nearest the base with just a few upright growth and which will again top off at ~6 ft.

as for water logging, jujus are actually more tolerant of standing water than what most literature says. Two hours of soaking will not kill or predispose to disease—at least in desert conditions. Flower- or fruit-set may be compromised, but trees will not die.
i have had bare-root jujus soaked inadvertently for more than 6 hours in desert muck due to faulty irrigation, and they were all unscathed.

Besides all the other varieties suggested here, you may want to also look at Norris. This variety has done well in your area and is heavily grown in the area around the TVA.

Although I know that you want to try for trees for this spring, if you have some room next year, you can order it from Rolling River or Hidden Springs. Another option is to buy a Li or Sugarcane from Raintree now.


I reviewed a half dozen sources of Jujubes in this thread:

The three with nice big trees appear to be done for the season (Trees of Antiquity, Sanhedrin, and JustFruitsandExotics). OneGreenWorld and RollingRiver both sent very small trees. I ordered one each from Raintree and Burnt Ridge a few years ago (2012, per notes) and RT sent a very small one, while BR sent a decent sized tree (1/2" caliper, though ToA and Sanhedrin sent trees almost twice that size). But, I don’t think that BurntRidge has enough variety at the moment. They had more earlier in the winter when I ordered (should arrive any day now).

I have no idea what the trees are like from Edible Landscaping. Please post a pic (and maybe some dimensions) when the order arrives. I’d say that Honey Jar is a must-include. Not only does it taste great (based on my small sample and it’s reputation), but it is also precious (my graft gave me 6 fruit the same year).

Of the others, Sugar cane is also very good. I haven’t had Li yet. I agree with Jujumulberry that So is very attractive in the landscape. It also stays reasonably small (after 4 years, mine is ~7’x6’) and while the fruit doesn’t quite measure up to Honey Jar, it is still very good (mid to high 20’s brix, and crisp).

neighbors, friends, and relatives ask about it all the time, but i guess they only like it for its body lol
a haunting garden accent with gargoyles and neath moonlit nights.

in the desert, the contorted so grows like any other juju. able to reach >9 feet in just two or three years.
i guess the longer growing season here has a positive effect on vigor.
it will slow down in vertical growth at about 15 feet just like most other jujus, including the oldest of li’s.

@jujubemulberry (and others) - I might have known that a guy with the word JuJube in his username would be helpful when it comes to Jujubes, but you really went out of your way Raf, and it was extremely helpful. Same with others. I suspect this little jujube thread will be used by many future guests since it has such great reviews of varieties and even suppliers. I’m more excited than ever to get some jujubes in the ground! Thanks all.

Thank you very much. So, HJ, SC and Shanxi li in the order from short to tall/less vigorous to most vigorous.

Can you please tell me a bit more about Shanxi li? I can’t remember now why I ordered it. :blush:

you’re welcome Mamuang. In vegas, however, the variety ‘so’(contorted) is more vigorous and not exactly dwarfish in growth, even though its internodes are shorter than hj’s in general.
here’s a pic of hj and contorted side-by-side. They are of the same age and were both tiny at <9" tall when planted ~3 years ago.
in the pic, both are the closest trees to the wall, with hj on left, and the contorted gnarly one at right. The so is now 9 to ten feet tall and still developing upright growth

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you’re so welcome @thecityman, and i hope you won’t get disappointed-- and if ever, there’s a chance i might have a ‘fix’ or at least a time/developmentally-related rationale for it

hopefully a pic could paint a thousand words. Fruits are generally bigger than li, and many folks find it better tasting than li, although personally, i think li is a tad better

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Those look like small apples to me, nice size!

Do you have to thin at all?