Last minute Jujubes

It should be as good as yours. So far, it is the most expensive tree I have ever bought.

wasnt sure if you’re asking me, but with jujus i don’t have to thin at all. Well, actually, the birds do some of that, as evident in the picture. But there’s so much fruits for so many-- including feathered friends(or fiends, as the case may be for other people)

shanxi li is more rare than hj and chico, so its good you got one already. Good luck, and keep us posted here!
as for the price, it is understandable due to availability. If jujus were being sold for 100$ each, or even 200$, will probably still buy them. The initial cost is offset quite exponentially by its anticipated production, zero pesticides, and a thousand years lifespan(if grafted onto wild seedlings).
at least how i see it in my growing conditions, and with my ‘reasonably’ biased optimism