Last year's grafts not budding out yet

I grafted a dozen or so apples last year, potted them and grew them in my GH for the first year. They did well, generally 3’+ of growth. They lost their leaves late (being in a GH), and around Jan I put them in the relatively unheated barn to get some chill hours.

Well a couple weeks ago I moved them back in the GH expecting them to spring to life, but they are just sitting there. Stems do not have any indication that they dried out, the buds are a bit bigger but not at green tip, and there is green wherever I do a scratch test. At this point, they are at the same stage or a bit behind my outdoor apple trees, some of which are starting green tip stage.

Just curious if this is normal or not. Not sure there is anything I could really do, other than leave them outdoors for some more chilling.

It sounds like you delayed the onset of chilling. So even if they ended up getting enough they are behind. If they didn’t get enough that delays growth in spring. It could be that both factors are having an effect. They’ll eventually take off probably inside a months time.