Late dormancy on newly planted bare root harrow delight pear

all of my trees are in full leaf, one apple is lagging a little. and I put in a harrow delight in early March, that appears not to even be breaking bud at all. here’s the tree in question

terrible photo of it. it’s a nice big, well branched with lots of roots when I put it in. I did everything the same as with my seckel, which is doing this:

here’s a few closeups of various buds on the harrow. is it just lazy? tired? should I give it anything else extra to push it along? again, every other tree is fully leafed out with one exception.

I do have a late planted mulberry that’s still asleep, but it’s only been in the ground 2 weeks. this tree has had 60 days or more. what’s it doing? it’s a first for me, except for trees that arrived dead (this one didn’t).

cambium is green, it’s bendy and seems well alive, so I’m stumped

it’s fifteen feet from the seckel.

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The situation with the pear doesn’t sound good to me, but it still looks dormant. I’ve only planted asian pears, though I’ve personally never encountered bare root pear having problems leafing out. They all seem eager to grow. Even a KG with butchered roots at least put out a few leaves, even though it was stunted.

I believe most online nurseries put a June date for leaf out and some windows to file claims may be short. So personally I would contact the nursery or be prepared to do so.

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maybe I’ll email them tonight

emailed- they suggested more water perhaps, since it scrapes a good strong green on branch and trunk, there’s still hope. it may just be lazy.

I thought harrow delight would be the early leaf pear in my yard this year, but the other two I put in on the same date are weeks ahead in growth.

it came from raintree and they said they’ve put a note in for me in case it doesn’t make it. they are pretty good about refund/replace. I do hate to lose a growing year though, I’m not young.


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@resonanteye, it looks okay, but could be deceiving sometimes.

I have taken dormant cuttings of apple/pear and stuck it into moist ground. Months later in summer, the cambium is still green, even though there’s no root on the cuttings. Some even try to leaf out a bit.

Best of luck!

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still the same. I’ll likely be needing a replacement. still scratching green but we are a few weeks from 100F.

Sorry to hear. I’d keep the tree in ground for now, for a chance it will sprout a new rootstock for grafting. My almond died last year and sprouted new stem from roots few weeks ago.

Best of luck.

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@resonanteye @sockworth

Water it good if it hasn’t been raining. The one branch looks bad and the other photo looked fine. It will push growth eventually i think. I wonder if something is going on below the ground.


I agree with Clark, I think it will leaf out eventually. I grow a lot of pears in pots until I’m ready to plant them out and if I neglect a pear tree during the summer or let it sit out in 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower during winter, they will sometimes break dormancy in June the following year. Who knows what unspeakable trauma your poor tree was exposed to before you got it! I recommend caution with watering a dormant tree --check the soil 2 or 3 inches down and if it’s still moist, watering will do more harm than good.

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