Late harvest of remaining apples-

I have a few mostly wormy apples still on my apple frankentree weeks after their respective kind are bagged and chilled. I picked a Liberty, and Cameo, a Karmijn de Sonnaville, a Yellow Delicious and a Rubinette to try for comparison to their earlier selves.

The YD did not improve, and the Cameo not much over earlier, if at all. The Karmijn de Sonnaville probably did improve slightly in flavor, although it suffered in texture, and is still probably my number one in terms of flavor. For me the Liberty stood out, in that it retrained its crunch and showed even better flavor- Iā€™d consider it a close contender for flavor with K d S and better in this circumstance than the Rubinette, which was still quite good.

Next year it could all be different.