Late-ish Apple recommendations Z6a

So far I have ‘Gingergold’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen ‘ Now I need a recommendations for a lateish Apple. I know from experience that ‘Goldrush’ can’t ripen here. I expect I need something shorter season than ‘Fuji’

I’m in the Southern Rocky Mountsin foothills. Rot, pests, fungus, mildew, diseases, not a particular issue. Nor is chill hours. I don’t care about fruit appearance either.

I care about taste, overall productivity, ease of growing,

Any suggestions?

We are in the same zone. Hoople’s Antique Gold would be my recommendation. They ripen in mid Oct for me. You have to read Scott Smith’s description about it in the Scott’s Apple Variety Through 2018 that Scott posted today.

By the way, there are several strains of Fuji including early ripening ones. I have the Rising Sun variety, not early. Gold Rush is worth a risk. Even the not fully ripe ones tasted good after being in storage for a few months.

OK. Hooples it is. After the buildup in this forum how could I say no? If that doesn’t work I’ll try Hawaii. I didn’t realize that Golden Delicious was after Sweet Sixteen.

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You won’t be disappointed :smile:

There are a few Fuji varients that ripen about 3-4 weeks ahead of regular Fuji which would put in in late September in my climate. You might try one of them. Look for Early Fuji, Beni Shogun, etc. Stark has a version called September Wonderful fuji you might look into.