Late season Local produce

Hope your all shopping for some local produce! Finding some great Kansas produce right now. I bought a case of locally grown sweet potatoes for $9. I’m guessing there was 60+ pounds of monster sized potatoes in the box! I used a Dr. Pepper bottle for size in the photo to give you an idea how big they are. Stopped at a roadside stand today and picked up some local grown tomatoes 2/$1. Supporting local farmers while eating great produce! What local produce have you been buying , trading for , or had gifted to you?


That’s a big spud!

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They have a great flavor as well! People are likely not buying them because of that huge size. I’m not sure what variety they are but my Georgia Jets got huge like that last I grew them. Not sure why they get so big here but I have a large microwave so they fit in there if I’m in a hurry to get one cooked fast. I prefer roasting them in the oven to concentrate the sugars when it’s possible.

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