Late season Peaches


Thank you @Olpea, @SpudDaddy and @BobVance,

I have a few days to decide. I have not really grown a fruit tree in pots (figs and pomegranates do not count). Personally, I prefer planting in ground to dragging a heavy pot in and out twice a year :smile: have to think about it.


It was a young tree, goldprince. It is doing fine, leafed out well. Did not set fruit but I did not expect it to.


Mulch heavily preceding winter or mound dirt well above the graft and pull it back in spring- same way I keep my tea roses healthy (below the dirt).


I am looking at your late peach list from Sep '17, and wonder if you could give me sources for those trees. Or is there a chance I could get dormant scions next winter, or budwood in the coming months? I’m looking for late season peaches/nectarines to extend my season. Those are east coast varieties apparently; any reason why they would not do well in west coast zone 9b?
Btw, I am posting a grafting method using a power drill. You may find it interesting.



It is a west coast nursery. Pricey is what I have in mind :smile: They have a reputation of having uncommon varieties and quality products.


If you have Costco near you ( in CA, it’s a given). Costco carries Burchell’s fruit trees but at a very limited varieties.


Elberta is a huge old fashioned peach. It ripens for me from mid Sept. to the beginning of Oct. Its not fancy but for peaches in the NE it is reliable. Living on an island, filled with humidity during the poses many challenges for peaches, along with the borers that thrive here. So if it can make it in ‘Mildew by the Sea’, its a great late season peach.