Late season shade on Persimmon Tree

My first post on any kind of forum in my life, bare with me. First, I want thank this forum and everyone on it for all the great information. I have been enjoying this site for several months now. My dilemma is this: I thought I had picked a perfect site for my new persimmon (Haychia) tree. I have successfully gown melons at this site for years, so I thought for sure it would provide plenty of light for a persimmon. However, I just noticed today that the site is not getting anywhere near the amount of light that it was getting throughout the summer that allowed me to harvest melons in mid to late August. I would guess around 4 hours of light now, likely less. With Persimmons being a fall fruit, will a reduction of sunlight at the tail end of the Season make this site a bad choice? I’m sure this will likely be something I need to just try and see, but if any one has a similar situation and could offer some insight I would greatly appreciate. Richmond, Va. Thanks!

I have seen several other houses that had them in pretty shady locations. They still put on plenty of fruit. None of mine are in the sun all day.

Thanks for the feedback Robert. I will see what happens and report back.