Leftover Rootstock (Krymsk 5) - Scion Suggestions

I spent some time yesterday doing majority of my grafting of the year and ended up with two extra rootstocks and but no scion wood to graft onto it.
Does anyone have any ideas of what neat varieties I could to graft to it? If so, can you point me in the right direction where to obtain said scion wood?
Since everything has woken up here in the valley (California), it’s a bit late for spring pruning. I guess I can pot them up and wait until fall and do some chip budding.

Either way, the rootstock in question is Krymsk 5, which is compatible with sweet and sour cherry.

Sidenote: I really don’t like the u-cut grafting tool I obtained. The cuts are way too shallow which leads to a cumbersome fit. It may be an operator issue, so if anyone wants to trade scions for the tool, I’ll gladly ship it out. In other words, I did not end up using it at all this time around.


I would try gages but I am biased, my multi-gage tree died last year and I am working towards replacing it

I have Kansas Sweet cherry scion available. And tiny bits of other cherries if you’d like.

The Kansas Sweet is a cross of sweet and sour and grows more like a tart cherry.

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@MockY, I have Brooks cherry scion from the Sacramento scion exchange, enough for 2 or 3 grafts. I am in Orangevale, about 20 miles east of Sac if you want to pick up. My orchard is in bloom and things look nice. Its good scion, got a good take on the 1 graft I did. It is between pencil and sharpie size and about 6 or 7 inches long. We could cut some other cherry scion from the yard that is just swelling and turning green, have had good luck with cherries after swell as buds are green. I am not interested in your grafting tool, thanks. I will be around Sunday afternoon and early next week. PM for directions if you want to come over, thanks.

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Ohh man, I wish I saw this earlier. I’d love to check out your orchard and grab some scion wood. I managed to buy some from Burnt Ridge Nursery, so now I wish I had more leftover rootstock haha.
In either case, there is always next year, and at that point I’ll hopefully have something to trade you. My orchard is ever growing (the plan is to add at least 20 new trees each year for the next 3-4 years) and the ones I planted this year will have enough to share at that point.

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Good to hear you got some cherry scion, good luck grafting!