Lemon/Lime variety and Spice Zee Necta Plum question

I want to add one lemon/lime variety to my garden. I use juice and zest for cooking. May rarely make some lemonade. Easy to grow, good disease resistance, juicy are all desirable. I really cant tell much of a difference between one lemon variety and another…

What variety do you recommend - Eureka / Improved Meyer lemon ?

Also in a new planting - I like to plant peaches/nectarines in one section, apricots in a separate section and plums/pluots in a different section - grouped by spraying needs…

Which section will Spice Zee go in? Does it get peach leaf curl? - If yes, I would put it with nectarines… Do other nectarines pollinate it or do plums pollinate it better? Or may be its self pollinating…

Spice Zee is more a nectarine. Self Fertile, I like it, mild low acid white type nectarine.
I treat my trees for PLC, so don’t know if resistant, as I never see it.

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I love Meyer because it’s super juicy and you don’t need as much sugar for lemonade but the juice/flavor doesn’t hold up as well for cooking. For a true lemon flavor you may be happier with eureka

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I have Improved Meyer lemon and Bearss lime. Bearss lime is not as juicy.
If I can only have one of the two, I would give up Bearss lime. I can always graft a branch of Bearss lime to Meyer lemon if needed.
I like that Meyer is not as tart and is very juicy as Lids mentioned. It’s a very productive tree too that has fruits year round. I get hundreds of fruits a year from it that’s kept below 6 ft.

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Yes, it does.