Leopardo Morettini pear

My pear growing has had a lot of failures, knowing when to pick fruit and how to ripen any particular variety seems to be a mystery for the ages. I figured out Leopardo Morettini this year however. My typical date of first frost in my zone 5a orchard is about October 7. I picked these pears on October 7, then put them in cold storage for one and two months. They ripened in about 3 days on the counter, and the fruit quality was excellent, smooth texture and very aromatic. The quality was just as good at 2 months as at one. This pear appears to be precocious, I got fruit 3 years after grafting. The Warren pear it is grafted to has only produced a handful of pears in the 15 years I have had it.

Abbe fetel pear, on the other hand, continues to be a mystery. This also has been precocious and productive for me, but I have not had any luck getting them to ripen. I have picked them on different dates and stored them for differing periods of time, but they don’t actually ripen, they just get rubbery. Anyone have any experience with this pear?


In some discussions it has emerged that Warren needs to be adjacent and downwind of pollen sources.

I have Warren companion grafted with Magness on the same rootstock plus have plenty of other pears within 30 feet to cover pollination concerns. I grafted it three years ago with the understanding it needs extra attention for pollination. Also, I’m a beekeeper with a colony less than 100 feet from the pears. While pear trees are not particularly attractive to honeybees, they bloom early spring when pollen is desperately needed and very few other sources are available. When bees need something as badly as pollen and pears are the only game in town and happen to be only feet away, you can bet pear trees sound like a swarm of bees when in bloom.